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Friday Night Game - Sixcess Core Fantasy, Session 2

Last night, the Friday gaming group met up for its weekly session of roleplaying goodness.

The good news is that I'm actually getting to play in a game on Friday nights, and so that's making me quite happy. DavidM, who's still a bit under the weather, continued to run his Sixcess Core fantasy game that he started a few weeks ago. Here's the report on the first session that DavidM ran.

After the gamers showed up around 7:15 pm or so, we chatted for around 10 minutes about life and other stuff, and then DavidM called us all to order.


Herna of Morspell (Kathy) - Swordswoman
Safira Markas (Angela) - Sorceress?
Adara Theniss (Ellie) - Thief
Barak Thar (Mark) - Caravan guard
Haven Randar (JohnK) - Forester

After settling in with Feludad's caravan for the evening, we were woken by Barak Thar's cry of an attack. A large pack of what we thought were wolves attacked the caravan, and the battle was on. Not having time to load my bow, I engaged one of the wolves with my trusty sword, and managed to seriously injure it, but was immediately set upon by a second of the creatures, and found myself hard pressed. With the help of Herna of Morspell, who had dispatched a pair of the creatures in rapid succcession (such is her skill), the second wolf fell. With the wolves either having been killed or fled into the night, the caravan personnel and the player characters assessed our damage. One of the caravan guards was killed, but five of the wolves had perished. I suffered a couple of bite marks, nothing too serious, but Feludad's healer, Javara, insisted on cleaning my wounds. I started to feel funny, but she said it was nothing to worry about. (I, of course, feared the worst.)

We awoke the next morning to a light rain, but in good news, I was feeling much better and ready to face the day. After morning ablutions, some food, and resining my bow in preparation for the day, the caravan set out. I accompanied the caravan's guidemaster, Helos Travenan, one of the wilderness Wisgorix tribe, and a man wise in the ways of nature. We talked at the caravan travelled, and I marvelled at his wisdom into plains, mountains, and savannahs, though he knew little of deep, dark forests. He and I hunted, and brought down a horned deer, much to Master Feludad's pleasure, so we would feast well that night.

As the day passed, I took myself back to the caravan's midst, and caught up with Herna, Adara Theniss (who I learned had stuck close to Herna for much of the day), and Barak. While I didn't avoid Safira Markas, she gave me no opportunity to talk with her. Helos Travanan introduced me to several of the caravan guards, one of whom, Thalia, seemed taken with me. The caravan stopped for the night, and I learned that we were roughly three days from Karakoram.

The night passed uneventfully, and the caravan set off once more the next morning just as the rain started up again. My wound seemed to be healing fine, although Javara had given me a salve to rub into the wounds before I rebandaged them that morning. We set out in high spirits. I talked with several of the carvan members that morning, and spoke as well to Helos again and to Thalia, who seemed to follow me around a lot during the day's travels.

We came upon a copse of woods around mid-afternoon, but Safira warned us to be on the alert. (Obviously her mage senses had come upon something.) There was a savage roar, and from the copse of woods a troll of some sort (it was a forest troll) emerged, armed with a massive tree trunk as its weapon! Fortunately, I was prepared with my bow this time around, and quickly loosed several arrows at the creature, barely even able to penetrate its tough hide. The troll came within range of me, and dropping my bow, I moved in to attack with my sword. The last thing I remember is the massive tree trunk coming straight at me, and striking me in the side...

Overall, I had a fun night of gaming, and am quite enjoying DavidM's running of the game. The last fight ended with me going down after being struck by the troll, but I won't know what happened until next week's session. (Talk about the agony of waiting!) I saw that DavidM was worried that he might have killed my character with the troll's attack, but we'll see how that shakes out next week. DavidM has created an interesting game setting and situation, with lots of good NPCs to interact with. Hopefully, Haven Randar will get a chance to experience more of this game world in the coming weeks.
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