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Creating a Character for Sunday Thousand Suns RPG Campaign

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group got together for another session of roleplaying games.

It was interesting because I wasn't running the game, getting to play instead. spross is starting up a Sunday afternoon game of the Thousand Suns SF RPG, and I'm kind of looking forward to getting to play in the game, to be honest.

SteveR showed up at my place on Sunday around 12:15 to get some time before we started for the afternoon to read up on a few things in the game, and get himself psyched up for the game. Once Tammy arrived close to 1:00 pm, we settled in after chatting for a bit, talking about current events and the like, and then got down to gaming.

SteveR explained somewhat about what the Thousand Suns game is about and how it works, and while Tammy and I threw a few questions here and there at him, it wasn't too bad and SteveR settled in. I seemed to have asked more questions about the game world than Tammy did, but we didn't give SteveR too much of a hard time, and he was feeling pretty comfortable about matters.

Character creation for the game wasn't too difficult, just a bit time consuming in terms of explanations about certain concepts and making decisions when it came to skills and the like, though coming up with personal Hooks for the character was a bit tough. Without knowing a lot about the universe at large and some of the institutions out there, I found it tough to choose some personal Hooks for the character. I created a(n at the time) nameless character, a xenoarchaeologist who's devoted his life to learning the truth about the Travellers. He doesn't like those who desecrate ruins, but considers his work to be of value and use to society at large.

Overall, character generation was a fun process, and I had a good time creating the character. Thousand Suns doesn't use an overly complicated set of character generation mechanics, but the game is a sandbox, and therefore the GM has to really create a good chunk of the game world/universe in which the players are going to play. I really hope SteveR is up to the challenge. And I really hope that he runs the game for a while. :)
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