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Friday's Gaming Session

As promised, here is the first of the gaming session reports for the weekend.

On Friday night, SteveB, Kathy, Nick, Tom, and Joanne got together to play the game session for the week. The gaming group on Friday night has gotten back into their The Edge of Midnight fantasy noir (for lack of a better term) campaign. The characters are, to say the least, an interesting bunch, as befits the noir genre itself.

Kathy is playing Katherine "Katie" Lane, a somewhat magically inclined cat burglar with a bit of a reckless streak. SteveB is playing Harry Vincent, a former attorney now turned private investigator, who has several shady dealings on the side. Nick is playing Richard "Ricky" Sharp, a former bank employed come embezzler and con man. Tom is playing William Greene, a bartender and tough street type who makes his living doing jobs for the mob on the side. Finally, Joanne is playing Angela ("Smoky") Freemont, a singer and something of a femme fatale at the Sandy Viper club. She has a few other secrets as well, and is a somewhat shy personality. Like I said, an interesting mix of characters.

The session started with Harry Vincent getting a packet in the mail from an anonymous source that gave him a lead about a series of recent thefts from the wealthier people in the city of Gateway. Rick Sharp came up with a plan to bilk a rich, somewhat vain former actress of her shares of a lucrative business deal. This brought him into conflict with William Greene, who is moonlighting as a bodyguard to the actress in question, who found his services in the previous scenario during a foiled attack on her. Meanwhile, Smoky Freemont was approached by a couple of shady types intent on blackmailing her concerning one of her secrets, and claim to be working for someone that she already knows. Katie Lane found that a "little job of purloining" turned out to be a bit more complicated than she was expecting, and things got a bit messy with a body and all.

So far, a very disjointed seeming game, with the player characters appearing to have nothing in common on the surface, as the players commented to me afterwards, although they all had a terrific time of it. They want to start watching some film noir movies again as a bit of "educational flavour" for the game, and I see no reason not to do that, so they can expect to start off with this again next week or the week after. Overall, a highly enjoyable way to spend a Friday night, and a lovely, somewhat surreal gaming experience (as all good noir experiences tend to be).

Looking forward to next Friday night. :)
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