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Sunday's Gaming Session

Finally, here is the Sunday gaming report. I meant to post this last night, but caught up with a few other things, so...

To be honest, this was probably the most enjoyable gaming session on Sundays that I've had in quite some time. I'm not quite sure why the gaming attitude and mood has been a bit...sour...for me on Sundays, but I decided that I had run enough Ubiquity system stuff for a while, and wanted a change from either Hollow Earth Expedition and/or Desolation. The group was kind enough to agree to play the fantasy noir rpg, The Edge of Midnight, and so Sunday afternoon was spent creating the player characters.

spross used the same framework for the character that he had before, and created a cabbie. The character has a few quirks, like the fact that he served in the war and once played the piano, so there's a bit more under the surface as they say. (But what noir character doesn't have more under the surface, hmm? :)) Tammy Powers is playing a nurse who may or may not have some magical abilities. She's also got an interesting background that ties into the one oni_neko came up with, and so the conflict between the two characters should be...interesting. oni_neko has created the daughter of a mob boss, who may or may not have driven her father into madness and had him institutionalized. The Family is an absolute mess because of it, and again, she has ties to Tammy's character, so things should be interesting. Both Tammy's and oni_neko's characters have no really strong ties to spross's character, so we'll see how that works out in the end.

They'll be starting to play on Sunday for real, so I'm looking forward to this. Just need to see if they want to start screening some classics of the film noir genre, to get a better feel for the game. (Tammy has almost no knowledge of the genre of movies, so screening a few of the films for her (and spross and oni_neko of course) would be in their favour.

Really looking forward to the games Friday and Sunday! :)
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