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Tonight's DwtS Thoughts

Have just finished watching tonight's episode of Dancing with the Stars, and have got to say that it was interesting to see stuff tonight.

1) Michael Flatley did an adequate job of replacing Len Goodman temporarily on the Judges podium, although you could see that he felt a bit out of context with the whole judging process. He's very soft-spoken compared to Len, and that made him an interesting contrast to watch.

2) I thought that Brooke Burke and her partner deserved a higher score for their dance last night then they got, but I noticed that Bruno Tonioli (sp??) seemed to be taking Len's place on the podium, being quite harsh with his critiques and his scores. Good for him! :)

3) Cloris Leachman has got to go. That was one of the worst dances I've *ever* seen on DwtS to be honest. And Carrie Ann's comments to her about having a fine dancer like Toni Braxton eliminated the week before so we could watch Cloris dance that dance were spot on, even if brutally honest. Cloris has got to go!

4) The group hip hop dance was...entertaining, but for me, it was more the costumes than the actual dance itself. Mind you, the fact that no one collided with any of the others amazed me, given how...disorganized it seemed to be at times. Ymmv.

Overall, a good episode of the show. But Cloris has got to go...

Anyway, off to bed.
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