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Friday Night Game - Sixcess Core Fantasy, Session 6

Had a good time with the Friday night group last night. DavidM continued on with his Sixcess Core fantasy game, and it was a pleasant evening.

Last night's gaming session with the Friday night group was a pretty good one. DavidM continued on with his Sixcess Core fantasy game, and it was a good evening of gaming. You can read the report on the fifth session by following the link.

DavidM and the other players showed up at my place around 7:00 pm last night, and after we chatted for about 10 minutes or so and relaxed a bit around the table, DavidM announced that he was ready to get started, and so play began for the evening. He also said that he wasn't sure how late we'd go, as they were all worried about the weather that was scheduled to develop in the later evening.


Herna of Morspell (Kathy) - Swordswoman
Safira Markas (Angela) - Sorceress?
Adara Theniss (Ellie) - Thief
Barak Thar (Mark) - Caravan guard
Haven Randar (JohnK) - Forester

I managed to dodge the attack of what I now saw was a winged ape (!!), slashing at it with my sword as it went past me. I couldn't tell how many of the creatures there were, occupied as I was with my own opponent, but I could hear Herna of Morspell's war cries, and screams from the ape-like things. The fight ended as quickly as it had begun, my weapon impaling the winged ape against the ground, my foot pinning down its wing. Turning my attention away from it, I saw that three others had attacked the group, but that Herna and Barak Thar had protected the others, even as they brought the creatures down.

We regrouped after the attack, and I saw that Safira Markas had taken a savage slash across the shoulder, and tended to her wounds. The others commented that they had never seen anything like the creatures, but Barak commented that he had heard of their ilk, the Grinkk, from merchants that he'd travelled with. However, he knew very little about them. After I had tended to Safira's wounds and checked the injuries of the others, I told the others that we could not stay here long. We managed a quick snack to restore some of our strength, and then continued cautiously through the ruins, still making our way towards the Pasran Wood. Around nightfall, Barak called a halt to our travels as we neared what seemed to be an overgrown, deserted building that would provide us with a modest shelter. Barak and I, swords drawn, went and checked out the ruins, and deeming them to be safe, returned to the others, and we proceeded to set up camp.

The morning dawned early, and I woke up as the sun rose, since it was my turn to make breakfast. I was startled to find a woman standing off to the sunward side of the building, her appearance that of an older woman with greying black hair and wearing peasant clothes. She merely nodded, and smiled, before disappearing in the mist of the morning. I looked around for Safira, who had stood watch before me, but she was nowhere to be seen. Picking up my sword, I cautiously walked to where I had seen the old woman, and searched the area. There were no footprints of any kind to be seen, but I spotted what apeared to be a small piece of gold string. Picking it up, I saw it was attached to a small pouch of like coloured material. I cautiously opened the pouch, to discover a small vial of greenish-purple liquid within. I pocketed the pouch, and returned to the area of the campsite to find that Safira had returned from wherever she had been. As she settled in for another hour's sleep or so, I asked her whether she had had any visitations by spirits in her life; she told me she had, but that they rarely ended well. We talked a few more minutes while I began preparations for the breaking the morning fast.

Once the morning meal is done, and we're ready to depart for the day, I store the small bag with the vial in my shoulder pouch. The others are somewhat taken aback by the fact that nothing happened in the night, though Safira gives me a knowing look as we prepare to get underway for the day. Adara Theniss seems to be somewhat down in the dumps. When I ask her what's going on, she tells me that she does not like being outside towns and cities. When I comment that she didn't have to accompany us from Karakoram, she says that she did - she wants to have an adventure, and she didn't think she'd get it just thieving in the large city. I tell her to be careful what she wishes for, for she might get more than she bargained on, but she merely laughs it off. But her spirits are better, and for this I'm glad. I move forward and join Barak as he leads us off, roughly in a westerly direction.

Last night's game session of Sixcess Core with the Friday night group was quite enjoyable. DavidM has a good grasp on the world that he's got us adventuring in, and he seems to be handling the rules material fine, though he's not happy with the way damage works in the game system. (He's lamented the fact a couple of times that there's "stuff" missing, though I'm not sure whether he's talking about the damage stuff or something else.) My character, as can be seen from the game session notes I took, had an interesting "encounter" (if that's what one can call it), and I'm wondering how that will shake out as the scenario continues. DavidM said he was wrapping up the session on a "quiet" note, since he didn't want to leave us on a cliffhanger before we take the two or three weekends off for the holiday break.

So overall, a good game session to wrap up gaming with the Friday night group for the year that is/was 2016. I have to say that I'm looking forward to gaming in 2017, and can't wait to see where this scenario takes us.
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