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Gaming Set for Boxing Day

Heard some good news from the Friday night gaming group.

I had discussed with the gamers for the Friday night group whether they'd be interested in playing something this year on Boxing Day. The players informed me that they were certainly interested in doing so, since we won't be doing any other gaming over the holiday season, but they'd let me know this week. Well, I've heard from the gaming group.

They will indeed be joining me to play a Christmas-oriented game on Monday, December 26th, 2016. Since I was looking to run a game with a Christmas theme, but I didn't want to write one for the year, I've settled on the game, and the scenario. You'll find out more about this when I've actually run the game (on or around the 27th or so), so be patient! :)

However, I'm really looking forward to the game, and hope it's not snowed out or some such.
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