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Wednesday Night Game Report - Continuum RPG Session 3

Last night, the Wednesday night gaming group met up for their regularly scheduled game session. This was the first game session of the new year. They continued on with the Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet RPG. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session of the game by following the link. This blog entry is relatively long, so I've decided to put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to do so.


Kiera Marshall (Donna Winston) - Registered Nurse
Michael Randolph (David Winston) - Archaeology Professor
Samantha Aridanes (Kendall Scott) - Language Student
Maureen (Minnie) Bronstein (Crystal White) - Bookstore Clerk

Thursday, May 10th, 2001 AD (Level)

At Giuseppe's, Samantha Aridanes is the last to arrive, and therefore she ends up footing the bill for supper. Simon Jesser, their chrony, comments that it's ironic that the poor language student is the one who has to pay for supper this night, and Michael Randolph tells the others that he'll foot the bill. Jaana informs him that he will not, as it's Samantha's "duty" to do so. Samantha agrees, as she was the last to arrive at Giuseppe's, and her mentor nods approvingly.

Over the course of dinner, being careful about being heard discussing the subject, the spanners discuss the nature of Frag(mentation) to the limits that Span Ones can understand the term, and Jaana explains that the frag in this case can only be remove through the use of hypnosis, which she will take care of when they return to the Corner. The player characters and their chronies enjoy the rest of the meal in peace, although Kiera has the strangest feeling that they're being observed. Jaana tells her that they are, but doesn't elaborate on the point. After dinner, the characters head back for the corner so that Jaana can take care of the matter of Samantha and Maureen's frag. The various characters retired for the night.

The next morning dawned bright and clear, though the threat of snow was in the air. Maureen joked about spanning Up to find out how much snow would fall and then report back to the characters, but Simon admonished her desire as being "petty". Jaana chided him, and told Maureen that she could do so if she wished. She did, spanning Up, and then returned to inform the chronies that there was going to be 10 centimeters of snow. At Jaana's look, she jotted down some notes in her spanbook. The player chronies who needed to head to work and their day routines did so, and as Kiera grabbed her clean nurse's uniform to take with her to work, she noticed that there was a second nurse's uniform, also hers, in the cupboard - but this one had blood on it. A small piece of paper was in the jacket pocket, and the curious Kiera took the note out and read it:

"A taste of what's to come, sad to say. You'll thank me for it, later. Now put the note back!" -K.

She dutifully put the note back in the pocket, made a quick note in her spanbook, and then headed for the hospital.

The day proceeded uneventfully for the most part for the player chronies. Samantha is going about her business at Carleton University, spending some time in the MacOdrum Library doing research on some ancient dialect of Latin that her supervising professor has referred her to. She is interrupted by the appearance of a dark-haired, 20-something young man wearing casual campus clothes, though she notes that he's wearing a pair of loafers that don't seem to fit his wardrobe though she's not sure why. He asks if she's Samantha Aridanes, and when she confirms that she is, says that he has a message for her. As he proffers her an envelope, she asks him his name, but he says that's not important; she refuses to take the note until he tells her his name, and he says that he's Edward Leftworth. She doesn't recognise the name[, but he mutters that, "You will."] When she refuses to take the note until he tells her more, he says that it's her loss, and steps back around the stacks. She tells him to wait, but when he doesn't reappear, she goes around the stacks to find he's not there.

Maureen is going about her normal work day business at Taraquin Books, and heads back to the stockroom at the rear of the structure to get some books to restock the shelves. She is interrupted by the appearance of a dark-haired, 20-something young man wearing casual clothes [but she doesn't notice he's wearing a pair of loafers that don't seem to fit his wardrobe] at the door to the stock room. She tells him he's not supposed to be there, but he ignores her and asks of she Minnie Bronstein. When she asks who wants to know, and repeats that he's not supposed to be there, he tells her that he's got a message for her, and proffers her an envelope. She asks who it's from, but he ignores her. Her boss, Carol Hayes, calls to her, asking if she's got the book that the customer is waiting for, and the man, obviously startled, moves out of the storeroom. Grabbing the book, and heading towards the shopfront, Maureen calls out to him, but as she re-enters the shop area proper, there's no sign of the man or his envelope.

Thursday, May 11th, 2001 AD 3:20:19 pm (Up): Kiera's work shift at the hospital runs the gamut of the everyday life of a nurse, and is a relatively calm day, without a lot of trauma cases involved. However, at the end of her duty shift, Kiera ran with the others to greet an EMT vehicle that had brought in a shooting victim. She realised immediately who the victim was: Violet Jones, and she was definitely dead...but it was an *older* version of the character! One of the EMTs, Harrison Davis, told her that the woman had been found at the University of Ottawa Archaeology Department's storeroom around 3:00 pm that afternoon, but that she died on route to the hospital. Kiera notices on the EMT's log that the Time of Death (ToD) is listed as 05/11/2001/3:16:42.

Thursday, May 11th, 2001 AD 2:58:16 pm (Down): Michael Randolph is having a rough day of it at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Angela Poirier, head of the Archaeology Department, has discovered that someone has stolen two bones of an Ankylosaurus that is being used to teach students the rudiments of fossil structure, and she's not happy about it. Since it seems that Michael was the last to access the two bones on May 9th, 2001 at 10:45 pm (something that he denies doing), she wants to know what he's done with them, and is incensed when he tells her he's got no idea what she's talking about. They are interrupted by one of the security guards, who tells them that there's been a shooting in one of the labs of the department. The EMTs are on their way. Angela tells Michael to come with her, and directs the security guard to wait for the EMTs and bring them along when they arrive, and Michael grabs a first aid kit. When they reach the lab, Michael is shocked to recognise the woman lying in a pool of blood in the lab - it is Violet Jones, but an older version of her! As Michael quickly scans about the lab before jotting down a note in his spanbook, he is surprised to see several figures skulking around the corner of one of the lab cabinets - and recognises both Samantha and Kiera [and he makes another note in his spanbook, though it may or may not be relevant]....

Last night's game session of the Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet campaign was a lot of fun for me, and highlighted some of the elements of the time travel roleplaying game, although the player characters may not know it (Yet). :) While there was no combat of any kind in this session, the players were dealing with both level (mundane) and temporal issues, the main one of which they realise. There were also some interesting little sub-plots going on as well, and both Donna and Kendall are really curious as to what's going on with a couple of these elements.

Overall, it was a pleasant and highly enjoyable game session of the Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet RPG, and a nice way to start gaming for 2017. I'm quite looking forward to the next session of this one.
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