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Friday Night Game - Sixcess Core Fantasy, Session 7

Had a good game session with the Friday night group last night. This was the first session of 2017 with the Friday night players, and DavidM continued on with his Sixcess Core fantasy game, and it was a good evening of gaming. You can read the report on the sixth session by following the link.

DavidM and the other players showed up at my place around 7:00 pm last night, and after we chatted for about 10 minutes or so and relaxed a bit around the table, DavidM announced that he was ready to get started, and so play began for the evening. He also said that he wasn't sure how late we'd go, as they were all worried about the weather that was scheduled to develop in the later evening.


Herna of Morspell (Kathy) - Swordswoman
Safira Markas (Angela) - Sorceress
Adara Theniss (Ellie) - Thief
Barak Thar (Mark) - Caravan guard
Haven Randar (JohnK) - Forester

Barak Thar continued to lead us in a westerly direction, toward the Pasran Wood, but close to mid-morning, we came upon another set of ruins. Halting to refill our water canteens and skins, I moved over to where Barak and Safira Markas were amiably chatting, and asked him about the ruins. He said that we were likely to find lots of them as we moved closer to the Pasran, since when the Wood was more...normal, there were a lot of towns and villages around it. I asked him what happened to them, but he said that's not a story to be told when one is this close to the Wood, or the ruins. We gathered up our belongings and set out once more.

Our trip grew more difficult as the area we travelled through got more heavily vegetated. As Barak continued to lead us on, we came upon an area full of spider webs, but webs larger than any I've seen and stronger if looks were any judge. I prepared my bow, and kept a couple of arrows handy. Herna of Morspell said that the webs were an evil omen, but before I could ask her what she meant, we came upon a couple of large cocoons suspended from several web-ensnared trees.

My forest senses warned me moments before several large, rabbit-sized spiders dropped from the trees upon us, and the fight was engaged. I managed to fling the creature that had fallen on me to the ground, where I attempted to stomp it, while still gripping my bow. From my left, Adara Theniss screamed, but before I could react, Herna had leapt to the thief's side, and skewered the spider. She seemed unaware of another falling towards her, and without thought I fired my bow at the thing, the arrows catching it full in the torso, and it dropped lifeless next to Herna and Adara, the young girl still screaming in shock and pain. I quickly reloaded my bow, and took out another of the spiders, and realised they were little threat to us, though they were dangerous enough. With ten or so of the creatures dead around us, Safira said that these skedras (for that is what they are called) are dangerous enough, especially if their bite strikes through skin due to the venom they secrete. We determined that only Adara has been bit by the creature that struck her, and while Herna wasn't sure whether she'd been poisoned, we needed to find the proper cure for the poison. Barak and Safira consulted for a few moments, and then they turned to me. Asking if my forest lore was adequate, which I assured them it is, Safira gave me a list of three herbs that grow in the forest and asked if I could find them. She described them to me, which I memorized (hopefully), and I told them I'd return as soon as I could.

Cautiously moving off into the spiderweb infested woods, I went in search of the herbs. The first herb, guingrass, I found easily enough, as it grows near tombs and cairns of the dead. The second herb, chellfrin, was a bit more difficult to find, but eventually I came upon a stand of the stuff, and gathered up what I needed. It was then that I heard a noise like feet scraping on dirt, and turning, I found myself facing once more the old woman with greying black hair and wearing peasant clothes. She smiled at me, not uttering a word, and then gestured to the left of where she stood. I asked her what she wanted, but she continued to merely smile and gesture. Guessing what she was up to, I thanked her, and then moved in the direction she indicated. I eventually came to a small pond, and there at the water's edge was the elusive third herb, vevran. I scooped up what I needed, and when I turned away from the pond, she was standing there again. She nodded at me, and walked away entering the pond I'd just been close to. Moving as quickly as I could, but as cautiously and quietly as I was able, I made my way back to the rest of the characters. It was only as I neared them, hearing their soft chatter and movements, that I realised I hadn't heard or seen any living thing (other than the grey-haired woman) since I went off in search of the plants.

I returned to find that my fellow travellers were having their hands full with Adara, who was tossing and turning, and having convulsions. Safira thanked her gods that I had returned, as the young thief was showing all the symptoms of the skedra poison. Following Safira's directions, we made a herbal remedy for the girl and applied it to her wounds, but Safira said that we needed to make camp. I said that I thought I could find the pond where I'd acquired the vevran, thinking it might be a safe haven here in the woods, and the others agreed to go there. Barak lifted Adara up and carried her, all the while her moaning causing me to worry about her condition, but eventually we arrived near the pond. Herna noticed that there were no spiderwebs in the area, and mentioned this. Setting up camp and making some food for the evening, Herna and I left Safira and Barak to do what they could for Adara with the rest of the herbs. It promised to be a long, uncomfortable night as a light rain started to fall.

Last night's game session of Sixcess Core fantasy was a lot of fun, and I'm really enjoying myself in the game. What makes it special is being on the player side of the GM Screen and being able to game with my friends without knowing what the GM (DavidM) is going to throw at us. The plot of the adventure seems to be progressing well, and I can't wait to see what we encpunter when we actually reach the Pasran Wood!

Overall, a great session to start 2017, although DavidM told me he can't wait until I'm behind the GM Screen again and am running. Phooey! :)
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