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Friday and Saturday Gaming Sessions Report

Because of everything that's been going on the past week, and the fact that I've been distracted by other things, I didn't post up the gaming reports from the past weekend. Figured I would take care of that here.

The Friday night gaming group continued the current scenario they are playing of The Edge of Midnight rpg. The report on the previous session can be found in the journal link noted.

Moving right along, Harry Vincent, the P.I., contacted a warlock friend that he knows, and when they went to the scene of the most recent robbery, the warlock told him that magic of some sort was involved. He suspected it was either Gravity or Tensile Energy magics. The two were confronted by a couple of gangsters, who warned them off the investigation. Harry didn't take kindly to that. Ricky Sharp, the con man, encountered an old friend, William Greene, the bartender who moonlights as a bodyguard (among other things), and learned that William is acting as the bodyguard for Helen Davenport, the actress that Ricky is trying to scam. Things didn't turn ugly (as Ricky was pretty sharp (no pun intended), but he knew that he had to rework the plans to bilk the actress. Katie Lane, the warlock thief, was shaken up by what she had to do about the body that happened to be on the scene of her last crime, and went for a drink at the Sandy Viper. She took in Smoky Freemont's (the femme fatale singer) set, and two talked between the early and the late set. Smoky agreed to give Katie a hand with her latest job, for a cut of the merchandise, but Katie was hesitant about this. However, Smoky was able to cut a deal with Katie whereby the thief would do her a "favour", and investigate the two gentlemen, Mack Turner and Charlie Andrews, who were blackmailing her.

All in all, a pretty good gaming session and things are starting to gel rather nicely. Immediately after the gaming session ended, the group began its new round of Friday Night Film Noir Midnight Madness (FFNMM, as they call it) with Mildred Pierce, a classic of the genre with Joan Crawford, Ann Blythe, and Eve Arden. Lovely tale, and the group really liked it.

The Sunday afternoon gaming group got together for its first session of playing The Edge of Midnight. The group is playing in the city of Paradiso, the noirish equivalent of Los Angeles/Hollywood. spross is playing Eddie Chandler, a cabbie in the city, Tammy Powers is playing Evelyn Kelman, a nurse at one of the hospitals in the city, and oni_neko is playing Olivia Martinelli, the accountant daughter of the crime family in the city. The first session involved discussing the game mechanics, talking about the world of The Edge of Midnight and specifics of Paradiso, and then dealing with some samples of the combat system.

The players had a somewhat difficult time with the mechanics, as they have been playing the Ubiquity system for a while now, and it's not easy switching mechanics mindset, but all agreed that they were pretty good. Poor spross's Eddie kept getting seriously injured during the combat examples; he's a cabbie, not a gun-totin' kind of guy, and as a result will have to rethink the way he approaches combat. Tammy's Evelyn did a good job of staying out of the fighting - she's a nurse, after all! - while oni_neko's Olivia used her smarts and actually beat up spross's Eddie pretty badly in one of the sample combats. The Sunday group will begin the actual play next week, and I'm looking forward to this, as they are, I hope. I'm still hoping I can convince them to watch a few film noir movies, as they would definitely benefit from this, particularly Tammy, but we'll have to work on the scheduling elements and all.

So frankly, just a good gaming weekend was had by me. :)


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