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Friday Night Game - Sixcess Core Fantasy, Session 10

I had a good evening last night with the Friday night gaming group, am quite enjoying playing in the game. DavidM continued on with the Sixcess Core campaign that he's running. You can read the report on the ninth session by following the link.

All the players came out to game yesterday, despite the several centimetres of snow that fell on Ottawa in the hours leading up to the game evening. Once DavidM and the other players showed up at my place around 7:10 pm or so last night, we sat around and chatted about the week for a bit, before DavidM announced that it was time to get started.


Herna of Morspell (Kathy) - Swordswoman
Safira Markas (Angela) - Sorceress?
Adara Theniss (Ellie) - Thief
Barak Thar (Mark) - Caravan guard
Haven Randar (JohnK) - Forester

Day 8, Month 5, Year 3512

As we exited into the daylight, I gasped at my first sight of the treetop city. Adara Theniss was surprised, but I told her that I'd not seen the city to this point. A maze of trees, walkways, what looked like catwalks, and masses of greenery here and there greeted my eyes. Much more crowded than I expected as well, as Fulthiim was a centre of the woods elves. Adara led me through a small part of the place, and we reached a large, long structure that rested some 25 feet above the ground. There, I found the others enjoying a mid-day meal. Herna of Morspell came up and gave me a hug, but let go quickly when I winced from the shoulder pain, and the others greeted me as well.

The next couple of days passed in something of a blur, as I saw parts of the city, met woods elves who were both friendly and outgoing when they realised my vocation, and sat and talked with Herna, Safira Markas, Adara, and Barak Thar. It was decided on the fourth day, after Meriel pronounced me fit to travel, that we decided that it was time to leave Fulthiim. With the assistance of the woods elves and fresh supplies, we eventually found ourselves on the outskirts of the woodland territory that the Fulthiimi considered theirs. Herna and Barak consulted for a minute, and then asked me to lead the way. When I inquired where, Barak smiled and said, "To Pasran Wood, of course," and gestured towards the north.

After a couple of days travel, during which we had no incidents of note, although we did learn more about each other, we came to a fast-flowing, somewhat wide river. Since we couldn't fjord it, we decided that Safira and I would head upstream and the others would head downstream to search for a place to cross, but agreed that more than two miles was more than sufficient; we would meet back at this spot as soon as possible. Safira and I set off at a good pace, but I slowed down somewhat when I saw that she wasn't able to sustain it. My forest lore allowed me to spot some herbs that would be useful, both for cooking and making remedies, and I collected some of these, trying not to lose too much time. We came to a spot along the river where Safira asked if we could rest a moment, and I agreed. Looking around, I saw prints in the soft, wet earth near the riverside itself - what appeared to be a large animal, perhaps a bear, no more than a day old - and informed Safira. We decided not to dawdle, but moved forward cautiously nevertheless. Spotting something, i warned Safira to be quiet; standing at the river's edge, lapping water, was one of the largest brown bears I'd ever seen, at least 7 feet tall. There was another adult, male by the look of him, nearby, and a small cub. Not wanting to be antagonistic, I signalled to Safira and we stealthily moved away and headed back to the rendezvous point with the other three.

Safira and I returned to the rendezvous point, to find that Herna, Adara, and Barak had not returned. We drank some water, and had a bit of food while we waited for the others to return, but we both grew worried when they did not return even as the sun was getting low in the sky. Safira said that she felt something had happened, and that we had to go after them. I agreed, and locating the tracks of Barak and Adara, the two of us set off after them. We had only travelled a couple of miles before the sun started to set, and I was reluctant to continue, but Safira said that our friends were in terrible trouble and that we had to go on. Making a torch out of some available material and some cloth from my ruined shirt (from the fight with the wood elves), I lit it and we travelled on through the forest cautiously. I heard Safira curse, and when she asked me to come over, I saw that she was looking down at a pack that I recognised as being Barak's. I saw that there was blood on the pack, and near it, and Safira pointed out a rather large print in the soft ground near the tree where the pack was. I recognised the print as that of an ogre, and was able to see about a half dozen ogre prints in the area; there were two ogres in the area, from what I could tell. I also saw small human prints that I thought might be Adara's. Safira seemed scared, and she had good reason to be if we were indeed up against ogres, but I managed to calm her down, and said we needed to follow the prints. Safira grimly said that if the "vile creatures" had harmed our friends in any way, she's burn them to ashes. We set off by torchlight, and followed the tracks of the ogres.

Friday night's session of the Sixcess Core fantasy campaign that DavidM is running was a lot of fun, and went extremely well. This session must be frustrating to read for folks here, since I am writing this blog entry (and the others to this point) from the point of view of my character, Haven Randar. You don't know what was going on with the other three characters (Herna, Adara, and Barak) at the table, but both Angela and I do (though our characters don't, of course). I'll just say that the next session of the game could be...interesting, not to mention dangerous, but we'll have to wait and see how things shape up. And who lives and who (might) die.

Overall, a lot of fun on Friday night, and I'm looking forward to next week's session.
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