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Long Weekend Short Recap

The long weekend is over, and I have to say that it wasn't as restful as I might have hoped. On the other hand, it was a terrific weekend, and rest was *not* about to play a part in it.

For those of you who don't want to know about my boring life, just skip the rest of this. The rest of you, can read the Cut...

Thursday night, I expected Stef to call and let me know if she was coming for the weekend from Calgary. I hadn't heard from her by 11:30 that night, so figured she wasn't. The doorbell rang at ten past midnight, and guess who it was? Yep, Stef took an extra day off, and came in early! She was a bit haggard, but we hadn't seen each other in such a while (well not since I went to Calgary to see her), so neither of us got a lot of sleep.

Got up Friday morning at the usual time of 5: 30 am to get ready for work, and spent most of Friday pretty bleary-eyed. Stef went to see her parents and take some time in her apartment, and then she met me back at the house and we did some grocery shopping. Bought a couple of steaks, some brown rice, and vegetables, with a small bottle of wine, and had a wonderful supper with her, before gaming with the Friday night group. Went to bed...very late.

Saturday was a blissful, peaceful, relaxing day with the love of my life. Slept late, had a wonderful day and night. She told me that she was going to go back on Sunday afternoon, so that way both of us would have Monday to rest up for the short work week. :) Not much more to say about the rest of Saturday or Sunday.

SteveR came over for a while today to drop off some printing that he had done for me this week. Got SteveR to give me a hand turning the mattress on the king-size bed that I have, since it's a two-person job. (Didn't really want to change the sheets on the bed, but such is life and all every couple of weeks.) We dug out my copies of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's _The Lost World_ and Greg Bear's _Dinosaur Summer_ from my boxes of books, and spent a bit of time talking about this and that. He was sorry to hear about Steve Irwin's death when I told him.

Had a good fish supper of tilapia and roasted vegetables, with a side salad. I'm missing Stef terribly already, but won't call her tonight. She said she would call me when she can tomorrow night, so I'll have to be patient. Ah, ain't love grand? :)

All in all, a good weekend, even if not as restful as I would have liked to recharge my batteries. On the other hand, if it had to be eventful, there are worse ways to spend a long weekend.
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