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Post-Eye Exam Blahs

So far, the week has been the kind that I want to forget.

Aside from being ill with either a cold or flu of some sort, I've been drained of 10 vials of blood for the blood tests yesterday, and am currently half-blind with blurry vision and what I call "bright light sensitivity" after my eye exam today. (Thank Goddess for spellcheckers!) The eye exam went relatively well, but I'm not in a good place now (for multiple reasons).

Due to the abnormal meal times (and lack of food) due to said times, not to mention 12-hour fasting periods), I am sick to my stomach on top of being just sick with the bug. And the various stresses on my body the past two days have me feeling irritable, sick, and under the weather (moreso than usual).

Anyway, I've got nothing else to say here in the blog about anything, including stupid game company shippers/distributors, at the moment. Like I said, irritable.

Thank Goddess I get to vent a little bit here in the blog. (Not that folks necessarily want to read my vents, but such is life.)

I'm going to go and lie down and try and sleep a bit more. After some peppermint tea, for the tummy/bowel problems.
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