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Last night, the Wednesday night gaming group came out to play their usual bi-weekly game session. The players decided they wanted to start the campaign of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon science fantasy RPG, and since I was pretty much as ready as I'll ever be to get going with it, we started the game. Well, more correctly, we spent the evening creating characters for the game.

Once the Wednesday night players showed up around 7:10 pm, we sat around for about 10 minutes and discussed all manner of what had gone on during the week, and once we were all caught up, we got down to the nuts and bolts of creating the player characters for the Coriolis - The Third Horizon game. I started off the night of character generation by giving the players a very brief overview of the universe of the Third Horizon, and the players were highly intrigued and eager to play. We talked about the basic rules of the mechanics, and then got into some of the sub-systems that they wanted to know about. Then we got to talking about the basics of character generation, the players asked me a few questions, and then we started in on the process in earnest.

The first thing the players had to do was decide what their Group Concept was going to be, and they decided on smugglers. They operate in a small sector of the Third Horizon, and are not fond of portal travel if they can avoid it. The individual player characters that the Wednesday nighters created are an interesting bunch, and to be honest, appear to offer a good degree of variety and good sub-plot material.

Donna - Donna didn't give the character a lot of thought. She created Adila Farouzham, a Diplomat from one of the outlying worlds in the Horizon, who needed a change of occupation. She snuck aboard the characters' ship, and after being discovered, was found to have other useful abilities. Her buddy is Saliha Twarafat.

DavidW - David liked the idea of playing the smuggler, but he settled on a scientist (actually, a medicurg) named Ridwan Omakht. With strong convictions and beliefs, the character's role in life is to help others. He's also looking for his missing sister, Awarma. At the same time, there's a bit of...Darkness within as well. His buddy is Mumtaz Mahali.

Kendall - Kendall made an interesting choice in her character, creating Saliha Twarafat, a dock worker from Dabaran who joined the crew of the ship for a bit of adventure and a lot of lust (she's hot for Ridwan). The character's name is ironic, as Saliha means "virtuous" and the character is anything but. Her buddy is Ridwan Omakht.

Crystal - Crystal wanted something "traditional" for the genre, and she created Mumtaz Mahali, the pilot of the character's ship. She's an oddball, however, in that she's fascinated with the Emissaries, likes nothing but a good bar brawl, and has a fondness for ywalgo (a stiff drink made from cacti on Kua). Her buddy is Abewel al Mendikat.

NPC - The players decided they wanted an NPC as the "fifth member" of the crew of their ship, and asked me to create a Soldier type, rather than have an AI NPC. Abewel ("Abe") al Mendikat is a former soldier of the Consortium who decided that his Vulcan carbine would be better served making a bit of money smuggling foodstuffs and goods to people who really need them. His buddy is Adila Farouzham.

The game session went for a period of just about 3-1/4 hours (a little over 15-20 minutes longer than usual), and the players and I had a lovely time creating the characters for the game. The "Arabian Nights in space" premise really appealed to them, and I was pretty pleased with the characters they each created. There was some interesting discussion after we were done about the game system and its mechanics, but they all agreed that it's a really good, simple-to-learn, flexible game system. And they're dying to play the campaign I've got in mind now! :)

Overall, it was a good night of character creation. Coriolis - The Third Horizon promises to be a fun, interesting game system, and I'm looking forward to running the game (in the near future).


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