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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Coriolis - The Third Horizon Character Creation

Spent a relatively enjoyable game with the Sunday gaming group yesterday afternoon.

The Sunday afternoon gaming group decided they were ready to start their Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG campaign yesterday, and started in on the character creation process.


Once the players showed up at my place around 1:00 pm or so yesterday afternoon, we chatted for around 10 minutes or so, and caught up a bit on each other's personal lives. When enough time had passed, I told everyone that it was time, and we sat down and started creating player characters. I started off the session by giving the players a very brief overview of the universe of the Third Horizon, and they liked what they heard, and were eager to get playing. We talked about the basic rules and the mechanics, and then got into some of the sub-systems that they wanted to know about. Then we got to talking about the basics of character generation, I answered some of their questions, and then we started in on the process in earnest.

The first thing the players had to do was decide what their Group Concept was going to be, and they decided on Free Traders. There's no plan yet for whom they work, though I'm leaning towards the Free Traders or perhaps the Consortium, but at times take jobs for other interested parties. The player characters that the Sunday gamers created are an interesting bunch, and to be honest, appear to offer a nice degree of variety and good sub-plot material. Furthermore, the players decided that the three NPCs would be fully fleshed out characters, rather than ship AI entities, so that will add another layer to the campaign.

spross - SteveR was originally leaning towards an archaeologist type, but Tammy convinced him not to play one. He's settled instead on Dalal al (something-or-other), the Technicna aboard the ship, but I don't know anything else about him. Other than he was born on Algol. His buddy is TBD.

Tammy - Tammy would have played the pilot, but decided to go instead with a trader. She's playing (Nameless Character), the Diplomat daughter of a Dar who has left Dabaran for reasons I don't yet know. Her buddy is TBD.

NPC 1 - Deva Kalarash is a Pilot (Freighter Pilot). Don't know anything about her yet, as I've not yet created her. Her buddy is TBD.

NPC 2 - Palan Mumrabh is a Soldier (Mercenary) who has been hired by Tammy's character's father to protect his daughter (and the ship and its cargo is secondary). His buddy is TBD.

NPC 3 - Skot Habibar is the Ship Worker (Dock worker) who handles the cargo and other stuff for the characters on their vessel. Don't know anything else about him yet. His buddy is TBD.

Sunday afternoon's game session of character geneation for the Coriolis - The Third Horizon went relatively well, though the players have not yet bought their additional equipment nor have they created their ship for the campaign. I'm not sure why the session went as long as it did, but I enjoyed myself for the most part and I thought both Tammy and SteveR had a good time of it. While Tammy may not know a lot about the Arabian Nights or Arabic culture, she seemed to enjoy herself, and admitted that the Coriolis graphics that I've been sending her and some of the links I've given her on Arabic stuff have helped to give her a sense of the game and some of the cultural flavour.

I'm hoping to get their personal equipment and the ship done up with them next session, and maybe have some time to do some samples of combat. We'll see how things shake out next Sunday.
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