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I spent a relatively enjoyable day gaming yesterday afternoon with the Sunday gaming group.

They're currently working on stuff for the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG campaign, but still had some stuff to finish up on their characters. You can read about the characters the players have created in this journal entry


Once Tammy and SteveR arrived at my place, we relaxed for about 10 minutes or so, and talked about the week that was, until I told the players that it was time to start. They continued on with the process of character creation for the game as soon as everyone was ready to get going.

First on the list was doing up the equipment lists for each of the player characters, so we went through the game equipment (as that also gives the players a good feel for the game world and its physicality), and that was a relatively painless process. I needed to remind SteveR from time to time that this equipment represented his personal equipment, not necessarily the materiels that would be aboard their ship. They were both quite pleased that the equipment lists weren't all that heavy and detailed; equipment in Coriolis - The Third Horizon is broken down into Everyday Items, Medicurgical Technology, Tools and Repairs, Survival and Colonisation, Exos and Vehicles, Recon and Infiltration, Weapon Gear and Combat, and Cybernetics and Bionics. The chapter takes up 32 pages of a 380+ page book.

When Tammy and SteveR were satisfied with the equipment they'd chosen and purchased, we moved on to one of fun parts of the game - ship creation. Since the group are going to be Free Traders, they designed their ship around those parameters. The hardest part the players had with their ship creation was choosing modules for the ship (aside from the bridge, reactor, and graviton projector); so much to mix and match! :) I really enjoyed this part of the session, and I think they made some wise choices for their ship. Only time will tell, of course.

With the characters complete and their ship designed (though it's still nameless), we had about 35 minutes left of the afternoon session, so Tammy and SteveR agreed to do some sample combats. I went through the basic mechanics of the Combat system, and how damage worked, and the players were a bit intimidated until they realised you can't die except through a critical injury. With the talking out of the way, it was time to get to some physical fighting! :) The players partook in several sample combats between themselves, and I added levels of combat mechanics to each fight until the "full" mechanics of Combat were in play.

By the time we stopped for the afternoon, around 5:05 pm or so, SteveR and Tammy were content with what we'd accomplished for the day. After that, we cleaned up the place and they helped me pack away the Coriolis - The Third Horizon stuff until next game session.

Overall, a fun game session of Coriolis - The Third Horizon, and I'm rather looking forward to next week, when we should actually start game play. Can't wait! :)


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