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Wednesday Night Game Report - Coriolis - The Third Horizon Session 1

Last night, the Wednesday night gamers came out for their weekly session. This was the evening when they officially started play in the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG campaign, and they were ecstatic to get to it. You can read about the player characters the group created by following the link. While this post isn't all that long, I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.



Adila Farouzham (Donna) - Negotiator (Diplomat)
Ridwan Omakht (DavidW) - Scientist (Medicurg)
Saliha Twarafat (Kendall) - Ship Worker (Dock Worker)
Mumtaz Mahali (Crystal) - Pilot (Freighter Pilot)
Abewel ("Abe") al Mendikat (NPC) - Soldier (Mercenary)

First Triad, Dancer Segment, Day 23, CC 61

The players begin with an introduction to the universe of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon roleplaying game, learn some of the basic mechanics of the game, and proceed through the Third Horizon universe Glossary. After that, they partook in several samples of combat that taught each of them the basic mechanics of the science fantasy "Arabian Nights in space" game. While the combat system for the game isn't deadly like some, death can be a mere critical injury away.

The place: The Third Horizon. Coriolis station, in orbit of Kua. On the Neoptra spaceport docks. The time: The first Triad, the Dancer Segment, Day 23 of Coriolis Cycle (CC) 61. The universe of the Third Horizon is full of adventure, intrigue, and even the mundane life for those who seek it - but for those who don't, secrets may be revealed, the Darkness Between the Stars may be faced head-on...

The player characters arrive at Coriolis on board the trading vessel Eye of Jemtallah, and are told by docking control to proceed to the Neoptra spaceport, located on the Ring, just below the Spice Plaza. Mumtaz Mahali brings the ship in to a clean, unjarring landing, much to Ridwan Omakht's surprise, but she tells him that the station had docking control of the Eye, so she had little part to play in the matter. Saliha Twarafat is pleased to be at Coriolis station, as she's only been there once, but Mumtaz tells her that it can be a dangerous place for those that are unwary. She gives Abewel ("Abe") al Mendikat a look, and he realises at once that she wants him to look after the dock worker, now engineer, as best he can.

Mumtaz, Adila Farouzham, and Saliha are first off the ship, as the cargo they're bringing in from Amedo needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible (there are perishables in there), and immediately the smells and sounds of the docks, and the cacophany of noise, asault their senses. Saliha is not expecting it, and does her best to cope. They are confronted with a stern looking bureaucrat accompanied by several of the Coriolis Guard as they debark the ship. The official introduces himself as Thessar Creyt of the Coriolis security, and inquires as to their business on Coriolis. Adila smoothly tells him they are bringing cargo in from Amedo, but he questions their presence, claiming that someone has informed station authorities that the Eye of Jemtallah is bringing in illegal cargo (drugs, and other goods outlawed in the Kua system). Mumtaz starts to lose her cool, but Adila warns her not to as the guards make a show of their accelerator rifles and mercurium swords. Adila says that she'll help Creyt sort out this problem, but he insists that both Mumtaz (as ship's pilot) and Adila (as captain) accompany him. He orders Saliha to remain with the ship, and that the cargo is not to be unloaded until she receives his permission. He gives her a tag, and orders her to load the cargo manifest on the tag from the handy tabula that she's carrying. Saliha starts to protest, but at a look from Adila goes along with his orders quietly.

Back aboard the Eye of Jemtallah, Ridwan and Abewel ("Abe") are conferring on the restocks of various medicinal supplies and potential medicinal cargoes to mercenary companies in the Rimward Reaches when the ship's computer, Allawa, informs them there's a problem outside. She brings them up-to-date with the meeting outside the ship, and while Abe is all for going outside and taking matters into his own hands with Thessar Creyt, the medicurg informs him there are better ways of handling the situation.

And that's where the evening's game session of Coriolis - The Third Horizon finished for the evening. The players told me that they really liked the system, and they were glad that I was easing them somewhat into the game universe. Donna expressed an interest in knowing more about the plot going on, and especially what some of the "creatures" that were on the docks were all about, but I told her we'd talk about that before we start the next session.

Overall, a good evening of gaming Coriolis, and I'm looking forward to the players' next session of the game.
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