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Wednesday Night Game Report - Coriolis - The Third Horizon Session 2

Had a good night of gaming last night. The Wednesday night gamers came out for their regularly scheduled bi-weekly session. The players and I continued on with their just started Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG campaign, and they were ecstatic to get back to it. You can read about the previous game session by following the link. I've put this post behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.



Adila Farouzham (Donna) - Negotiator (Diplomat) Sensor Ops/Captain
Ridwan Omakht (DavidW) - Scientist (Medicurg) Sensor Ops
Saliha Twarafat (Kendall) - Ship Worker (Dock Worker) Engineer
Mumtaz Mahali (Crystal) - Pilot (Freighter Pilot) Pilot
Abewel ("Abe") al Mendikat (NPC) - Soldier (Mercenary) Gunner

First Triad, Dancer Segment, Day 23, CC 58

Ridwan Omakht emerges from the Eye of Jemtallah, and after having his ID and papers checked via his transactor, inquires of Thessar Creyt of Coriolis security as to what's going on. Creyt says that they are being detained under suspicion of carrying illicit cargo, but the medicurg says that he's unaware of that. All he knows is that he's got a perishable supply of medicines that are meant for the Samaritan Sanitarium, and that if they're not delivered there, all hell will be due to occur. His attempted manipulation of Creyt succeeds, and while still suspicious, the Coriolis security officer decides to allow the characters to unload the medical supplies and deliver them to the Sanitarium. Adila Farouzham orders Saliha Twarifat to begin the unloading process, and as station personnel move with exo loaders and a couple of grav craft (given the amount of cargo the ship is carrying), unloading begins. Adila inquires of the man seemingly in charge of the loader crew as to whether maintenance on the vessel is going to be done, and he replies that's in the queue right after unloading is complete. He turns to Saliha about the cargo unloading process, leaving Adila, Mumtaz Mahali, and Ridwan to watch as Saliha goes about the process.

Back aboard the Eye, Abewel ("Abe") al Mendikat talks with the ship's AI, Allawa, and learns there's a good deal of incoming messages for the Eye and her captain, primarily regarding cargo loads available with destinations and proposed payments. Allawa tells him there are seven offers overall, and he tells her that he'll send the messages to Adila's tabula for her consideration and does so. Abe checks a few things on the bridge of the ship, and is dismayed to learn that one of the vessels on Coriolis is the Black Naruda, a ship of the Makruthk mecenary company, one of the companies that he "annoyed" in the past while working with the Sogoi down on Kua. He realises he's going to have to watch his step this trip, especially any of the more isolated places on Coriolis.

Back outside, with Creyt keeping an eye on Saliha and her work with the cargo, Adila is able to talk with Mumtaz and Ridwan. The latter tells her that the medicinal shipment to the Sanatarium is quite valid, and will alleviate some of the suspicions of Coriolis security. They'll need to offload the illegal drugs that they obtained later, when things chill out, but for now he's made sure that the ship will earn some good Birr on the medications and the other foodstuffs and cargo they're carrying; the illegal goods should put them over the top on this haul. Adila answers the messages on her tabula, and sees there are several good job offers for the Eye and her crew. She focuses somewhat, and sees that the Eye's patron, Mukhtar Sawalla of Hyperion Logistics, has one of the offers on the table. She composes a message to him to contact her, but back on the ship, and she heads back to the Eye of Jemtallah. Saliha asks where she's going, but Adila tells her that she, Mumtaz, and the doctor can handle the deliveries of the goods to their intended destinations. "Just make sure not to get shorted on the birr owed us for the cargo, okay?" she tells them, and then bids Thessar Creyt a good day.

Thessar Creyt tells Mumtaz, Saliha, and Ridwan there's nothing that he can do at the moment, as their cargo appears to be legit, but he warns them that he'll be keeping an eye on them and their activities while on Coriolis. "Well, that means we'll be very safe while on station, doesn't it?" Saliha says sweetly. Creyt stalks off, taking the Coriolis Guard with him. The three characters talk, and decide what they're going to do. Abewel returns to join them, and Saliha says that he's just in time. Ridwan says that he and Mumtaz will deliver the medical supplies and materiels to the Sanatorium, and Saliha and Abewel will deliver the other merchandise they've got to their contacts in the Spice Plaza and the Ozone Plaza. When Abe asks why he's got to go with Saliha, Mumtaz says that it's in order to make sure nothing happens to their cargo or its handler. Abe reluctantly agrees, and Mumtaz realises there's something he's not telling them.

The four characters split up to go their separate ways, and Saliha sees that Abra Kalmarin, one of the folks from Teramine Cargo, is watching from the sidelines. She and Abewel go over to her, and Saliha arranges transport of the cargo to the Sanatorium as well as the mundane cargo materiels to their small warehouse in the Ozone Plaza. Saliha haggles with Abra Kalmarin, and much to Abe's surprise, she negotiates a good deal. The transactions are recorded on the ship tabula that Saliha has with her, and the records are sent to the station registry as well as back to the Eye of Jemtallah. She receives a confirmation from Adila with a note saying "Well done". Saliha tells Abe that they need to get going, and when he asks, says they're heading for the Spice Plaza, and then Ozone, to close some deals.

Meanwhile, Mumtaz and Ridwan make their way through the security stations leading out of the spaceport, and after a few hassles over the mercenary's papers, emerge into the Spice Plaza. They are accosted by the crowds of hawkers and beggars, not to mention the cacophany of noise and the tantalising and (other) revolting smells of the place. Ridwan checks one of the information systems in the Plaza, and is able to determine their best route to the Samaritan Sanatorium. They proceed through the large area, heading for the Core. The medicurg's sharp eyes spot what appears to be a couple of rough-looking individuals, wearing light armour and carrying pistols of some sort bearing down towards them. He points them out to Mumtaz, and the two change their tack, and head straight into a dense crowd of shoppers at one of the spice vendors buildings, near a small livestock area...

Wednesday night's session of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon campaign was a pretty good one, and rather enjoyable. Other than combat, the player characters got a little bit of everything, and there are several sub-plots that are coming to fruition at the moment. Donna commented that she's rather enjoying how the game system mechanics work, and that the game rules are about as simple as anything the group of players have encountered to this point, something that Crystal was in total agreement on.
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