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Friday Night Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG Session

I spent a pleasant evening gaming with some of the Friday night players last night.

As mentioned in my blog post yesterday, two of my gamers were out sick, and a third gamer was out drinking with friends for St. Patrick's Day, so I wasn't sure that I was going to game last night. However, KathyB and Ellie said they were coming out to play and do some Coriolis - The Third Horizon stuff.


Kathy and Ellie arrived a little after 7:00 pm, and after some 10 minutes of catching up and all, things became clearer. While the two are enjoying the campaign set on the Ruby Flower in the regular campaign, they wanted to explore another facet of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG universe: Coriolis station itself. Kathy also wanted to see what the whole business about mystical powers in the Horizon was about, so she and Ellie wanted to create characters to play in a separate, small game that didn't involve a spaceship at all.

So I talked to Kathy about the Mystical Powers and how they work in the game, and then Ellie said she wanted to try and play a semi-intelligence (either the nekatra, skavara, or ekilibri) for the game, so I went over that material with her, and then we got down to character creation. The two decided they wanted to play a Free Traders Group Concept game, and once we took care of that, the two proceeded to create their individual characters.

KathyB - Kathy settled on playing a Fugitive (Mystic), a young woman from Dabaran who developed mystical abilities, and fled to Kua where she established a new identity. She called the character Salidari.

Ellie - Ellie decided she wanted to play someone dangerous, and created Reduolo, an Ekilibri Operative (Assassin) who knifed to death the "enslavers" of her small tribe, and fled to Coriolis station.

Character creation wasn't too difficult a process, though I did have to step outside the box ever so slightly with Ellie's Reduolo character, as there are only a few guidelines for creating a semi-intelligence player character. She and I created the Ekilibri character by going through the normal process of character generation, but bearing in mind the nature of the semi-intelligence and the material (including game statistics) presented later in the rulebook. I told Ellie that there were on particular Attribute penalties or bonuses, but that they did tend to favour Agility. The character is, of course, smarter and stronger than the average Ekilibri. I also allowed her the Battle Cry and Nightvision Talents of the Ekilibri at a cost of one Attribute point each, and she was quite pleased with that.

Overall, it was quite a fun session of character creation of Coriolis - The Third Horizon, and we stopped just after 10:45 pm. Both Kathy and Ellie were quite pleased at their characters, and both are looking forward to playing this separate little campaign of the game. I'm looking forward to this as well. :)
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