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Two Weeks of (Friday Night) Gaming

Well, I forgot that I hadn't posted the weekly Friday night gaming report here, so I figure I better correct that situation right now. For those who have been reading my LJ for a bit now, you know that I am currently running The Edge of Midnight, a fantasy noir rpg. You can read the the previous journal entry on the Friday night campaign by following the link.

In the game session on November 7th, Harry Vincent (SteveB) continued to investigate the robberies of wealthy people, despite the gangsters' warnings. He discovered some more clues that led him to Eastowne, the part of town controlled by the Tongs, and confronted one of the bosses there after blustering his way in. William Greene (Tom) found that there were several "suspicious individuals" keeping an eye on Helen Davenport, the rich woman whom he is bodyguarding. They turned out to be a red herring, as they were two of her relatives who have some sort of agenda concerning her. Ricky Sharp (Nick) continued his plot to bilk Helen Davenport out of some her money, and dug up some info on her. He went and contacted a former actress friend of hers, now an enemy, who agreed to help him in his scheme. Katie Lane (Kathy) started to dig into the two men, Mack Turner and Charlie Andrews, who had threatened Angela Freemont (Joanne), and uncovered some evidence that they were former NLEB (the equivalent to the FBI in this game world) agents, who had gone bad. Katie had concerns of her own in this regard, as she didn't want them to find out she was a warlock. Meanwhile, Angela Freemont called in a couple of favours, and learned that the body that Katie had found on her previous heist attempt was that of one P.I. Adam Ford, but couldn't find out anything else about him, unless she wanted to go down to Snoops' Row - which she wasn't about to do alone.

In this session, the plot is starting to take shape, and the players seem to be reeling somewhat from the different things going on. So far, so good. :) After we played the session, the group sat down to watch the film noir in which Bogart and Bacall first met, To Have and Have Not. The gang loved the movie, especially the music of Hoagy Carmichael in the film. Overall a good gaming session, and the scenario is on track.

The gaming session last night got off to a good start, but had some...tough...moments, at least for the characters. Harry Vincent (SteveB), recovering from the injuries inflicted on him by the Tong members in the previous session, found himself stymied in his efforts to uncover information about the previous robberies. The police didn't seem willing to provide him with information, and Harry considered resorting to larceny to obtain the file information he wanted. William Greene (Tom) continued to guard Helen Davenport, and he found himself having to protect her as a female gunsel tried to kill her while she was out shopping. The arrival of the police didn't make things any easier, and they took William in for questioning. Ricky Sharp (Nick) used this opportunity to worm his way into her confidence, escorting her home, and telling her that he represented one of the new movie studios in Paradiso, and wondered if she had any aspirations to returning to the silver screen again. Katie Lane (Kathy) went down to Snoops' Row to look up Harry Vincent, as she needed his help in looking into the two ex-NLEB agents. She learned he was investigating the robberies of the rich in the city, and was concerned that her involvement in that would be picked up. Angela Freemont (Joanne) found herself out on a date with her on-again, off-again beau, Angelo Casseviti. She saw that the two thugs, Mack Turner and Charlie Andrews, were watching her the whole time. The two thugs saw Casseviti, and departed as quickly as they could. When she went back to the Sandy Viper club (where she is a performer), Angela found a photo of herself and her family torn to shreds on her make-up table.

A terrific time was had by the gamers, who kept trying to figure out how everything is tying together. They have gotten into their characters rather deeply in this one, and have been doing a great job of late getting the noir feel down, no doubt partially due to their watching some genre movies. (::hint, hint, spross, oni_neko) Speaking of which, the Friday Night Film Noir Midnight Madness (FFNMM) continued as the group watched The Woman in the Window, starring Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett, and directed by Fritz Lang. The most telling comment on the night was at the end of the film, when Kathy exclaimed, "So that's where they got the idea for Bobby Ewing in the shower on Dallas!" Priceless. They all agreed that this was one of their favourite movies in the noir genre to this point.

And that was the wrap on Friday night's gaming. Looking forward to playing with the Sunday group this week. I'll let spross and oni_neko talk about the game they're playing in on their own blogs. For now, off to dinner.
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