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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Coriolis - The Third Horizon, Session 3

The Sunday afternoon gaming group played yesterday, and continued on with their campaign of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG of Arabian Nights in space. You can read about the previous game session by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.



Dalal al Yousfana (SteveR) - Scientist (Technician)
Ziva dariBoukhari (Tammy) - Negotiator (Peddler)
Ithara Kalarash (NPC1) - Pilot (Freighter Pilot)
Palan Mumrabh (NPC2) - Soldier (Mercenary)
Skot Habibar (NPC3) - Ship Worker (Dock Worker)

First Triad, Dancer Segment, Day 10, CC 58

Dalal al Yousfana, Ziva darBoukhari, and Palan Mumrabh go up to the food vendor, and purchase food for themselves, and Ziva also pays for Hariman darMansour and the street urchin. Palan also indulges in some of the local kohol, mixed with honey wine. The street urchin devours his pies and drink, and then seeing that he can't really pickpocket the player characters, races off back into the hustle and bustle of the Spice Plaza.

As the player characters and Hariman head for the nearest eating area, Hariman steals another pie, but both Ziva and the vendor spot him. When the vendor tells him to replace the meat pie, Hariman defiantly takes a bite out of it, and the vendor forces one of the characters (it turns out to be Ziva) to pay for it. She does so, but is disgusted and disappointed in the Dabaranian. She leads him, and the others, to the tables where she plans to abandon Hariman. He asks her how things are at home, to which she gives him a generic response, and as she turns to leave again, he asks how she's doing with her particular problem? When she asks what problem, he motions as if closing a book. She sits down at the table, the others joining them, but Hariman asks if she really wants to discuss this in public? He motions around, and when she looks closely, she can see all manner of various drones and probes in the area, some of them recording drones.

While they are sitting, Palan sees the fellow in the dark green and yellow djellaba watching them, and brings it to Dalal's attention. Dalal tries to look at the fellow surreptitiously, but is spotted. The man smiles, and then motions shooting at him with a pistol, before quickly getting up and walking off into the crowd of the Spice Plaza. Dalal is intimidated as the man lets him clearly see an accelerator pistol.

Dalal is about to say something to Ziva when a shot rings out. Palan tackles Ziva to the ground, putting her under cover, while Hariman dives underneath a table, as all heck breaks loose in the area of the Spice Plaza where the shot rang out. Ziva shouts for Dalal, who is frozen in place, to get to cover, and he does so. Ziva looks around, and sees various people talking with the Coriolis Guard who are now on the scene, gesturing in the characters' direction. She also sees a spark on the ground, though she can't place it. Palan points to where the shooter seems to be, and she catches sight of a person in a green and yellow djellaba [it's the same person that Dalal and Palan saw before] disappearing down one of the service hallways. Gesturing to the ground, Palan snatches up the remains of the slug. Ziva points to one of the security drones in the area, but Palan points to a bracelet he's wearing with a green light on it, and then puts his finger to his lips in a gesture of quiet. Ziva looks around to see if Hariman is all right. He's concealed underneath a table, but there's something odd about him: his cloak is below the level of the table, scrunched down as if something is pushing down on it. Before she can say anything to him, the Coriolis Guard arrives on the scene to talk to them. Several Guards take the perimeter, while the Captain erects an auditory dampening field.

The Captain of the Coriolis Guard proceeds to make identifications of the player characters, and that they are part of the crew of the Ahlima's Hope, except for Hariman. When he tries to con the Guard into some station accommodation, the Captain says they're wise to his game, and it's a no go. The Captain talks to Palan; he knows the former mercenary has the slug, and Palan hands it over reluctantly. The Captain says, upon looking at the ruined slug, that's it's from an accelerator pistol. That can't be right, because the pistol doesn't have the 100m range that the shot must have had, and the Captain posits some sort of Faction tech weapon. He changes the subject to the character of Dalal. He learns that Dalal was accused (supposedly mistakenly) of blowing up an ore processor on Algon (as part of the rebel cause). The Captain suggests that perhaps Dalal was the target of the attack, much to his surprise. The Captain tells Dalal that he shouldn't leave the station, and that he should let them know where he's staying on the station. With a brief nod, the Coriolis Guards leave the characters be.

With the auditory dampening field dropped, the sounds of the Spice Plaza, somewhat returning to normal, bursts in on the characters again. Bulletin journalist and Coriolis anchor Amina Shanatros (whom Ziva noticed watching them while being interrogated by the Guard earlier) and her assistant approach her, and wants to ask her a few questions. She asks why Ziva has come to Coriolis, and the Dabaran merchant evades at first, but then admits to being on Coriolis to trade. Amira knew she was on the station when the ship arrived in Coriolis space, and asks Ziva about family stuff. Ziva deflects the questions, and when asked why she and her crew were questioned by the Coriolis Guard says that it had to do with the shot fired in the area. The Bulletin reporter says the Guard have claimed it was a prank, but Ziva says that she's unaware of this. Amira suggests that one of the characters, perhaps Ziva herself, was the target, but Ziva again evades this. Amira hands her a tag with her holo contact information, and tells Ziva to get in touch with her if she can think of anything else.

Once the journalist and her assistant are gone, Ziva looks around for Hariman but sees that he has obviously departed them. The characters instinctively check to see if they've been robbed, but only Ziva finds anything. There an slightly crumpled, first generation Dabaran tag in her left pocket. Tapping it into her tabula, she sees a simple message:

"Market Plaza, 3rd hour, Evening watch, Ahmed's."

She tells the others what she's found, and casually looks around. She sees something that is considerably odd: A small old-fashioned grav loader is heading in the direction of the seating area, puffs of white powder or smoke (?) coming out of it every so often. As it draws closer, the characters see a lemur-like figure, wearing maintenance clothes, at the loader's controls. There's something odd about the creature, an ekilibri, but she's not sure what. Palan begins to sneeze [spent a Darkness Point], and Ziva wonders if it's allergies. The mercenary starts to run towards the loader, but trips while sneezing [spent 2 DPs], and falls into the path of the loader while still sneezing [spent 1 DP], and it incapacitates him temporarily. Seeing what's happening, Ziva races up to him and heroically attempts to and succeeds at dragging the heavy Palan out of the way [she uses 2 DP], while Dalal runs up to the loader, and manages to grab onto two rungs as it passes. Ziva looks around, and sees that various people are running after the loader, and gradually catching up.

Dalal manages to swing himself into the loader cab [he uses 1 DP], and quickly stops the loader; it settles to the ground. However, he finds himself face-to-claws with the ekilibri - a glassy-eyed, seemingly on drugs ekilibri. It attacks Dalal, and he defends himself. Outside, Ziva can hear cursing, swearing, chittering, and some screams from the loader cab, and several loud thumps (as Dalal tries to swing the creature into the cab wall, and prevent it from clawing out his throat [he suffers 3 damage]). The other people arrive on the scene, two with armoured gloves, and they drag the ekilibri out of the cab, and then another knocks it senseless with a [shock] baton. Ziva looks around; if this was deliberate, then who won the bet?

Sunday afternoon's game session of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG campaign was a lot of fun, and while I was still somewhat ill and didn't expect to do all well with the game, it was more coherent and full of various types of conflict. The players had a good time with the session, and Tammy told me that she liked that "things happened". You may have noticed that the fight in the loader cab between SteveR's Dalal and the ekilibri isn't detailed here (other than what Tammy's Ziva heard going on inside); there was no point in writing it out in detail - it was a fight between a 1m lemur-like creature and SteveR's character, for Goddess's sake! But he did get hurt somewhat during the "fight". I was pleased that I was able to do a coherent session with bits of sub-plots dropping in here and there, so there's potential here for the future, to be sure.

Overall, it was an enjoyable session of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon game, and I'm looking forward to next week's game play as well.
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