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Two Days, and Karma

I think that my karma is somewhat screwed up after the weekend, or the Goddess is showing her sometimes trickster-ish nature...

Monday saw me lose the Play By e-Mail forum for the a|state rpg. I posted stuff about the a|state rpg in an earlier journal entry to get ready for that game, and because I really like it. The mailing list that I set up for the game was well on its way to getting some traffic and characters being talked about, and I uploaded about 20 files for the game stuff and the setting into the mailing list Files section bright and early Monday morning. A new player joined the list, which needed my approval as Moderator (because of how I set the list up), and I took care of that about 11:00 that morning. I get a message from him early in the afternoon, saying he received the approval, and that he went to the mailing list - and it was gone. I checked things out and sure enough, it was gone. Wrote a message to Yahoo about it, but they told me that it may have been one of the glitches that happens from time to time and newsgroups vanish or go missing for several days.

For the moment, I'm taking this as a sign from the Goddess that I'm to run the Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium PBeM, and leave the a|state one be for the moment. I still have all the files and stuff for it, so can start it up again at some point when I'm not so...disillusioned about it.

Tuesday was a long, if interesting, day...

Started off with going to work - I'm never going to get used to his getting up at 5:30 am to go to work, and getting off at 3:00 pm or so. Had to take the late morning off to go see the specialist about my shoulder (see the entry on my shoulder ailment for more on this).

The news is relatively good. A new set of x-rays that the doctor took show there is no dark spot on my shoulder. Different angles and all that stuff. However, he diagnosed me with a severe case of tendonitis in that arm and shoulder and proscribed hot showers, pain medication, and physiotherapy. Score one for karma.

To counter that, a couple of things did go wrong. Late Monday afternoon, had a bumblebee in the house. Couldn't figure out how he got in, but I ended up having to kill him or her. Didn't want to, but I'm terrified of them and allergic to bee stings, so did what I had to do. Yesterday, I spoke to the guy from Hydro who was checking the electrical meters for the condo development where I live. (I live in a place which consists of a series of townhouses connected together in a condo thing), and he told me that he had just destroyed - he hoped - a bumblebee hive/nest that was growing in the gaps in the electrical room wood flooring and side walls...and guess what? That's right, I go back into the house, and later on hear buzzing coming from the electrical radiator in the lower bathroom (the townhouse I have is on the ground floor and below ground; there's another townhouse above me). Sure enough, bumblebee in its death throes. I put it out of its misery, but had to deal with three more coming out of different radiators on the basement level of the townhouse. Not good karma.

Then, when making a home-made whole wheat pizza with chicken and other wonderful vegetable ingredients for supper, I burn the thing to a crisp for reasons that I don't actually understand. Fortunately, I had made up two of the pizzas (they're not all that large, probably considered a "small" by pizzeria standards), so I cooked up the other one, and it came out fine. *sigh*

Naturally enough, I slept very poorly last night...having nightmares about bees in all their variety, and giant pieces of melted cheese and tomatoes. Yes, my dreams get really weird at times - and not in a good way. :)

So, some good, some bad. Oh, well... That's life. :)
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