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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Coriolis - The Third Horizon, Session 4

The Sunday afternoon gaming group played on Sunday (the 16th of April), and continued on with their campaign of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG of the Arabian Nights in space. You can read about the previous game session by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Dalal al Yousfana (SteveR) - Scientist (Technician)
Ziva dariBoukhari (Tammy) - Negotiator (Peddler)
Ithara Kalarash (NPC1) - Pilot (Freighter Pilot)
Palan Mumrabh (NPC2) - Soldier (Mercenary)
Skot Habibar (NPC3) - Ship Worker (Dock Worker)

First Triad, Dancer Segment, Day 10, CC 58

Dalal al Yousfana is resting near the loader when a man in a green kameez, Haram, approaches him, and asks if he's all right. Dalal replies that he was atttacked by the ekilibri, and suffered some claw and bite wounds. Haram asks for his injured limb, and Dalal gives him his arm, and Haram injects him with an m-dose [that cures 1 Damage point]. Haram tells Dalal that he works in the "below docks" and that the ekilibri is his servant. Dalal asks what happened to the ekilibri, and Haram says that Medicurg Falan will find out. He asks if any of Dalal's friends was hurt, and the technician says that Palan may have been injured. Dalal points out Palan Mumrabh and Ziva dariBoukhari to him, but Haram says it will have to wait - several Coriolis Guards are approaching them.

Ziva is looking over and checking on Palan. His seeming allergy to the powder (flour) from the loader seems to be abating, but he's somewhat teary-eyed and rather down on himself. He tells Ziva that he's recovering, and asks her what happened with the loader. She tells him what happened, and Palan is surprised that Dalal stopped the loader. They are about to continue talking as Ziva helps Palan to his feet, when they are approached by Coriolis Guards, and the two are questioned about what's happened in the incident. Palan is unable to shed any light on the matter, other than seeing the grav loader coming towards them, due to his incapacitation from the flour. Ziva tells her side of the story, and what she saw, and about the state of the ekilibri as well as the danger the loader represented, and how Dalal risked his life for all of them. The Guard are satisfied, but still suspicious about the events.

The Coriolis Guards who question Dalal recognise him from their questioning of the player characters earlier, and are moderately suspicious. They ask Dalal what happened, and he tells them about the rogue loader, how the creature attacked but that there was something wrong with it, and then describes what it did - the maniacal chittering etc. - for the Coriolis Guard lieutenant. The lieutenant says that if Dalal injured the ekilibri, then he could be charged under the Semi-Intelligences Act of CC 32. They discuss this some more, and Haram [Merifal] says if his ekilibri can't work, then he will demand compensation of Dalal, much to the latter's horror. The Coriolis Guard bar Dalal from leaving the station, and he agrees to the limitation, wondering if Ziva will stay on station to take him away when his barring is lifted.

After the Coriolis Guard have departed, Ziva and Palan have a chat. Ziva receives a notification on her tabula that Dalal is barred by the Coriolis Guard and the Coriolis authorities from departing the station. (A notice is also delivered to Ahlima's Hope and to Dalal's own device.) Ziva is displeased about this, as it means that the Ahlima's Hope will have to remain on station longer than planned, and that will cut into profits and her own agenda.

It takes roughly half-an-hour for the loader to be taken away and for the area to be cleaned. During that time several people (a mother and daughter, several others who were in the area) come up to Dalal and thank him for what he did [he gets +1 to Reputation]. In addition to the area being cleaned, all the evidence is cleared away as well. Ziva talks to Dalal, trying to learn what happened in the loader cab, but to no avail, and says that it's a good thing he did what he did. She asks why he's been barred, and he tells her of the Semi-Intelligences Act possible violation. Dalal says he didn't think the ekilibri had been hurt, and Ziva questions that in terms of its possible outrageous behaviour. Dalal says he wants to go check on the ekilibri's condition, and that he's going to see Medicurg Falan, but Ziva points out that it makes more sense to go and see the ekilibri's owner, Haram, so ask to return the concern that Haram had for him earlier on. He agrees to this.

As the characters talk, they are approached by Bulletin News reporter Delila Delion, who starts to question Dalal, the whole thing being recorded on the news' recording drone. He tries to mislead her somewhat, but still maintains the story that he's told others to this point. She can tell he's not telling her the whole story, and he says there's a question of whether he tried to kill it and how badly it's been hurt. Delion turns to Ziva, and asks when she knows of Dalal's rebel connections on Algol that are part of the public record? She says that she does, and after deflecting the journalist's questions and she starts talking to Dalal again, Ziva checks the 'Net. She sees the public record confirms that Dalal is said to have connections to the Algol rebels, and was written by one Hamida Farouz. Checking up on the woman, she learns that Hamida works for the Colonial Agency as a "fact finder", but also has connections to the Lyceum of Propaganda on Coriolis. Delion brings the subject back to the Algolan rebels, but Ziva dismisses Dalal's potential connections to them.

Dalal asks Delila Delion if she knows what happened to the ekilibri. Delion says that Susha, the ekilibri, was suffering from a dose of Substance O, the new drug that comes from Algol, which is more powerful than opor, overdoses of which are said to cause death. Fortunately, Susha received the antidote for the drug on time, though it seemed the ekilibri's metabolism may have caused a different reaction than that found normally in humans. She doesn't know if Susha will recover, she's not a medicurg, but there's a good chance she believes. The characters also learn from her that the loader was an older model, and belongs to Farad's Baked Confections which is located in the main section of the Market Plaza.

Sunday afternoon's game session of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon campaign went pretty well, better than I expected. While the session had no physical combat, there was definitely some conflict, and the situation the player characters are in currently are messy and have some serious ramifications. That said, I was quite annoyed at spross's play, as to be honest, he wasn't all that emotionally involved, hadn't really considered the consequences of what he did to the ekilibri, and plays with a "nothing is going to kill me" attitude, as witnessed when he let the man give him the injection without even questioning it. I'm used to this with SteveR, but nevertheless I find it discouraging somewhat. That said, the session went pretty well, though I know that Tammy feels like she's in over her head because it seems that SteveR will be depending on her to figure things out and protect him.

In any event, an entertaining game session of Coriolis - The Third Horizon, and I'm looking forward to the next session of the game.
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