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'Tis the Season...

...for the flu.

One of the things I dislike having to get every year is my flu shot. Aside from the fact that I really hate needles in the arm (or anywhere else, for that matter), is the fact that when I get the flu shot or any other type of vaccination, the spot where the injection was made swells up and gets very red from the injection, and my arm tends to hurt like heck for the next couple of days.

Today, after work, I stopped off at the doctor's office, and had my flu shot for the season. I get it because

a) I am over 50,
b) I am diabetic; and
c) I am very susceptible usually to various flu bugs.

Just a matter of taking care of oneself during the flu season, and with winter coming, lots of people being sociable ('tis the season and all that), and the way disease can spread in warm, heated structures, it seems like a good idea. (And to be honest, it has worked, as I've rarely been sick the last few years that I've had the flu shot, at least during the flu season and all.)

So, just for the record... My left arm hurts like hell, and I am now crabby and sore. Bah, humbug!
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