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Friday Night's Game Session - Playtesting for CanGames, 2017, Part Three

Once more yesterday, the Friday night gamers agreed to forego their regular gaming session (they're currently playing their Coriolis - The Third Horizon campaign) in favour of playtesting one of the scenarios that I'll be running at CanGames 2017 in just under two weeks.

The players arrived at my place at the usual time of around 7:00 pm, and we chatted for a bit about how things have been and the week's events. Once I was ready to game, we got into the playtest of a scenario of the Primeval RPG that I'll be running at the convention.


I won't discuss any of the details of the playtest session here, other than to say that the scenario, "The Dixmude Affair", played out pretty much as I expected it to, though there are a couple of scenes that I need to trim the fat on, so to speak. The players mentioned a couple of not so much flaws but glitches in two of the events that occur during the scenario, but were pretty happy with the adventure and liked the twists and surprises in the plot.

Overall, the playtest game session of Primeval went really well and was quite enjoyable for all concerned. Looking forward to next week, when the group says they want to playtest the other Fria Ligan system that just came out there that I'll be running at CanGames. I can't wait. :)
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