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Friday Night Game Session Report

So, I'm trying not to fall behind again in my report of the Friday night gaming sessions, as I did with the last report. You can read the report on the last two sessions by following the link, and that will bring you up to last night's game.

Last night's game session had all manner of stuff going on...and proved to be challenging for the player characters. Katie Lane (Kathy) talked to Angela (see below) about the two former NLEB agents, and told her to be careful. In the meantime, she told Angela that she needed him to talk to a private dick by the name of Harry Vincent, as Vincent is investigating the wealthy robbery case. She needs to know what he knows. She then visited one of her fences, and learned that he had been picked up in connection with one of the pieces that she had sold him. Katie panicked a bit, but decided she could do nothing else but play things cool. Harry Vincent (SteveB) broke into his friend, Dan Fielding's, office at police headquarters to find out what the cops knew about the rich victim robberies. He learned from Fielding's files that the cops themselves were involved in the crimes, as part of a sting operation, although there was nothing there about Katie Lane's involvement in the crimes - but before he could search further, Fielding's associates came in and arrested him for B&E. Tuff life. :) While William was being grilled by the cops, Ricky Sharp (Nick) continued his discussion with Helen Davenport about returning to the Silver Screen, and the two seemed to work out some sort of deal. After he left, Nicky went off to score some money at one of the city's local gambling dens. After being released by the police (see the notes on last session), William Greene (Tom) talked to Helen Davenport about who might have it out for her. She told him that she had made some powerful enemies in Paradiso, but that there was nothing he could do about it, other than keep guarding her. She did ask him to look into a movie agent named Carl Danworth (aka Ricky Sharp, see below). William managed to foil another attempt on Helen's life, this time through the use of a poisonous water snake indigenous to the zoo. Angela Freemont (Joanne) received a visit from her two "friends", Mack Turner and Charlie Andrews. They told her they had heard she was looking for info on them, but that she wasn't going to learn anything about them. In a bit of a temper tantrum, Angela told them what she knew of them, and they threatened her. She replied that if they wanted to blackmail her, they couldn't kill her, to which they replied, "Yeah, but we can up the ante." She was horrified at this, and they left her that way.

And then there was Friday Night Film Noir Midnight Madness... I had a tough choice to make for last night's movie screening, but I wanted to have the Friday night group see a noir film that was open to all sorts of interpretation, not to mention a movie that had some seriously...unique perspectives on the genre. So I screened The Lady From Shanghai for them. Brilliant film, confusing to say the least, with Orson Welles and the lovely Rita Hayworth (with her hair short and blonde for the movie). The gamers loved the film, and Joanne summed it up best: "Please don't *ever* do a funhouse mirror sequence with us!" Apparently it creeped her out, and Kathy had the willies from it. SteveB and Nick rather enjoyed it, but were kinda pissed about the ending of the movie. Lots of people are, well, pissed or confused by it all. Everyone said they were looking forward to seeing next week's FFNMM and wondered what I would screen for them. hehe

All in all, the players had a terrific time of things once more, and told me that they were having a blast with the game and the system. They were also enjoying the film noir movies, as well. Kathy and SteveB are particularly worried about their characters, as can well be imagined, and Joanne is wondering what the two ex-NLEB guys have on her exactly. Great game session. Looking forward to next week.
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