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A Thea Gilmore Day

Had a pretty good day today, despite the fact that my shoulder has been bothering me somewhat. The temperature hit about 230C and was quite dry for Ottawa, making for a comfortable day.

I left worked about 12:00 noon to go to the doctor for a quick check-up on my shoulder. I really like Dr. Blake, but he was a taskmaster today, moving the arm in all sorts of directions. I got a list of physio exercises to do, and was told that if the shoulder isn't better in about three months, we'll try some cortisone shots. Oh, goody - not! I've had cortisone shots before, and they are *not* comfortable.

Last night, there was a call on my answering machine from the CD place I go to that my copy of the latest Thea Gilmore CD, Harpo's Ghost had come in. I was excited to hear this, since I've been waiting for this CD for about a year. The CD came out on August 21st in the UK, but not until September 5th in Canada and the U.S. So after leaving the doctor, I went over there and picked up my CD, along with a couple of others. (The track I'm listening to right now if off the new Thea CD.)

I haven't really talked about my musical tastes very much, although I suppose that if you've been reading the journal entries and the note on the music that I listen to while entering stuff, you have a good idea of them. I first heard of Thea Gilmore through a friend of mine. Tom Robinson, one of the Friday night gamers, gave me a copy of Thea's second CD, The Lipstick Conspiracies in 2002 after he came back from a holiday in England, saying, "I bought this for you because I think you'll like her stuff." Did I ever! I went out and picked up the first album, Burning Dorothy, but I forgot about her stuff for a while after that, since her stuff was hard to find. It was when Thea's music was mentioned by Neil Gaiman in his blog, and later by satyrblade in 2003 that I really re-discovered her music, and bought the rest of her CDs and have kept buying them as the come out.

Thea Gilmore is a brilliant musician, a singer with an earthy tone to her voice, and a songwriter that I compare to Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson. Her lyrics are picturesque and evocative, and has themes that are sometimes obvious, sometimes sublime. She's never been a hit in North America, except among the people "in the know" - and trust me, you *want* to know about her stuff! I can't really do Thea's music justice or tell you much about the artist that you can't find on the web, and encourage you to check out the following two websites:

The Official Thea Gilmore website

Thea Gilmore's MySpace site

Go and listen to her music, and when you get hooked on can blame me. I'll take the blame for your expanding CD collection quite happily! :)

Anyway, I'm going back to the music now...
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