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Quick Weekend Update

Another weekend gone, and one that I have to say was quite pleasant.

The Friday night gaming group continued to play The Edge of Midnight, and the game went swimmingly well. You can read the blog entry on that session at the link as noted.

Saturday was spent doing a bit of shopping, a bit of reading, some writing, and a bit of movie watching. Quantum of Solace was all right, as I noted in my mini-comments about it, and was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday night with friends.

Sunday afternoon saw me putting the Sunday group through their paces in The Edge of Midnight, and I found it to to be highly enjoyable game session. I'll leave spross or oni_neko to write a blog about the game (I might even link to it!), but suffice it to say that certain player characters are about to face interesting ethical and moral choices... ::evil g::

Since there was nothing of real interest to me on television Sunday night, I decided to spend the evening watching a film noir, and finally chose The Big Sleep from 1946. Aside from the fact that the movie stars Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, the film is full of interesting performances, has a lovely convoluted plot (that is a bit muddier in the 1946 version of the movie that was seen on the big screen, but is somewhat clearer in the original cut from 1945, that doesn't have the heat of the Bogey-Bacall relationship), and makes for a solid night's watching. The 2000 DVD of the movie has both versions of the film, and so I watched both of them, and the documentary chronicling the differences between the two. Lovely way to spend a Sunday evening after a good day of gaming and all.

Today is back to work, of course. Such is life. :)
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