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Friday Night Board Gaming Thoughts

Spent last night gaming with the Friday night group, and had a pretty good time of it.

The Friday night gaming group arrived around 7:00 pm (including Ellie, who had decided she missed gaming a bit, and wanted to play), and we sat around and chatted for about 10 minutes about the week that was and Real Life(tm). The group discussed what they wanted to play, and agreed that they could wait on roleplaying games a bit, so we discussed what games to play in the board game variety.

The group decided to start with a couple of games of The Great Dinosaur Rush. This is a game that I really like, but haven't played in a bit. In the first game, the scores were as follows.

KathyB/Ellie 93
Angela 110
DavidM 89
Mark 92
JohnK 98

It was a very close game for the longest time, right up until the final Turn, and Angela leapt in front with a really neat dinosaur design, and I...fell short on my dinosaur design and didn't score enough points. Still, a fun game.

The second game was a lot of fun, too. The scores in that game were:

Kathy 90
Angela 94
DavidM 100
Mark/Ellie 103
JohnK 92

Another fun game, and even closer score-wise than the first game had been. Mark/Ellie and DavidM went right down to the wire with this one, the final Turn proving to be DavidM's downfall, as Kathy and I snagged a few points and managed to break the 90-point mark. Some interesting dinosaur designs in this one, too.

The final game of the night was Pandemic, and this one, was as usual, a nail biter of a game. It was unclear right up until the evening's end as to whether we'd beat the various plagues or not, and I thought we did pretty wel. I played the Scientist, and we managed to contain the Red and Yellow plagues, eliminated the Blue plague, but were decimated when the Black plague spread outward from Moscow. It was a fun, if nerve wracking, game and I was pleased when with about two cards left in the Deck we were able to wipe out the fourth plague and win the game.

Overall, a fun evening of board gaming and some good camaraderie. Looking forward to gaming next Friday night. :)
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