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Last Night's EoM Game

Figured I would post this in the morning, while I still remember and the notes are fresh in my memory. (Or at least as fresh as they can be.)

Here is the latest report on the Friday night gaming group and their continuing exploits in The Edge of Midnight rpg. You can read about the previous session by following the link. I'm actually considering not posting any more entries about the Friday gamers' sessions, as I don't know if anyone is actually reading these posts about the game reports; no one's commented on them at any rate, but I'll see if you folks who are (hopefully) reading this journal entry have anything to say in that regard.

Anyway, down to business...

In some respects, last night's game session left the players somewhat confused, but at the same time quite exhilarated. The next morning, Angela Freemont (Joanne) paid a visit to gumshoe Harry Vincent (SteveB), and tried to weasel out of him what he knew about the thefts from the homes of the rich in the city. He was somewhat evasive on the subject, but did give up the fact that he knew some sort of magic was involved. When she left, Harry decided to make some inquiries about Smoky Freemont and find out why she was asking about the robberies. Katie Lane (Kathy) paid a visit to one of her fences, Adam Halloran, to see what the word was on the street. She found out that no one wanted to touch the stuff that had been stolen from the rich, as the cops were putting out all the stops to find the perps. He mentioned Mack Turner's name to her, and when she queried him about it, she learned that Turner was somehow connected to the guys who were committing the rich folks' robberies. Meanwhile, Ricky Sharp (Nick) in his guise as "Carl Danworth" went to his breakfast meeting with Helen Davenport, and the two talked movie deals. He had no problems talking with her, as William Greene (Tom) wasn't working that morning, and he managed to convince her to hire him for $30 a week as her agent, the first three weeks payable in advance. The con was on! :) William spent the morning trying to track down some information on the poisonous water snake that had been used to try to kill Helen Davenport (see the previous journal entry), and learned of a collector by the name of Hiram Strand, who was also an old "acquaintance" of Helen Davenport's. He went to see the man, and found out they had been more than acquaintances - she had been married to him!

For the installment of Friday Night Film Noir Midnight Madness, I screened Murder, My Sweet, the 1944 movie with Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, and Anne Shirley. A wonderful Philip Marlowe tale by Raymond Chandler, based on the book Farewell, My Lovely, the movie is remarkable for its cynical view of society (a staple of film noir I sometimes think), and for the molding of the juvenile crooner persona of Dick Powell into a model of hard-boiled toughness that became a classic icon of the noir period. The players had a good time watching the film, especially what appeared to be the whole red herring business of the search for Velma, and Kathy (who knew of Dick Powell from other stuff he had done), was surprised to see him in the role of Marlowe.

The players had a pretty good time of things, and mentioned to me that they were enjoying the game thoroughly, loved the complexity of the weaving storylines, and were looking forward to the next session of the game. As for me, well... I'm enjoying running the game, am keeping copious notes about the various plotlines going on, not to mention various events, and am having a blast with the plot involving Tom's character trying to bilk the actress out of her money, as well as seeing the connection last night on Kathy's face when she realized that certain characters' plots seemed to be interconnected somehow. Looking forward to next week for sure, but I do need to think of doing some playtesting for the CanGames stuff soon. Will probably wait on that until I finish this scenario, for sure!
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