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Weather and Work

Weather-wise, an absolutely ugly day here in Ottawa. Last night, the sky dropped a whole bunch of rain mixed with freezing rain on the city, and that has continued into the morning hours.

I had wanted to work from home today, but when I called work I found out that too many of my fellow grinders were out with the flu, as an epidemic has struck the staff; lots of people were quite ill last week, but still working, so it's going around the office. Thank Goddess I had my flu shot a couple of weeks ago! The long and short of it is that I had to travel into work this morning. Fortunately, Donna was coming in to work, and so my carpool worked out well in this regard. Of course, Donna hates driving in this weather, so one of the other guys, Rob, got behind the wheel, and we made it to the office for 8:00 am.

Anyway, the coffee's brewing for those who drink coffee, I'm sitting here with a mug of herbal tea, and the work day has begun.

Really not looking forward to going home, especially if the weather continues like this (or gets worse).
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