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New Month

Ah, December...

The month of winter snows, power outages (at least in the early part of the month), and holidays.

But what of November? Well, November was a pretty good month all told. Other than the fact that I was suffering the broken toe and all. The month's work was pretty good, and I really am indebted to Donna for giving me a lift to work all month (and this will continue for another couple of months). Nothing untoward happened at work, although it was a relatively busy one, but not as busy as the early part of December will be and the days leading up to Christmas.

From a gaming standpoint, November was an excellent month. I'm running a simply fabulous roleplaying game of fantasy noir, The Edge of Midnight, on both my Friday and Sunday gaming groups. The Friday night group re-started from where they left off originally on the 27th of October, and so have been playing for all of November, while the Sunday group has only got three sessions behind them so far. Great time is behind had, all told. The system is fun, the game is coming along swimmingly, and the players are getting added enjoyment from watching some films noir around the gaming. (I'll actually write a post about yesterday's stuff with the Sunday gaming group later today.)

As for my reading for the month, well, it was not good. I managed to read two books Going Postal and The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch. That brings my total for the year to 58 books read, although I did pick up four books - two volumes of the Film Noir Readers and the new Jack McDevitt (Cauldron) and John Zakour (The Flaxen Haired Femme Fatale) paperbacks. The month was spent largely watching film noir, which cut into my book reading, as I watched a good 20 movies during the course of the month. Lots of good movies in the batch, of course, too many to mention here, but special attention has to go to Too Late for Tears, Gun Crazy, Out of the Past, Mildred Pierce, Whirlpool, and The Woman in the Window. I don't regret a minute of not reading more books in November, as I find watching the old black & white films noir to be quite rewarding in and of itself.

Musically, a relatively good month. Picked up a couple of albums by a group or person called Bohren & der Club of Gore, Sunset Mission and Black Earth. Remarkable music, described by many as jazz noir. Lovely stuff. Also managed to go out and get myself a copy of the greatest hits CDs of both the Divinyls and the B-52's. Lovely stuff, and been listening to some soundtracks from film noir movies. I guess it's now time to dig out my Annie Haslam and Jethro Tull Christmas music, huh? :)

All in all, a good month of November, with just a few glitches in the road.

Wonder what December will bring (other than the typical winter weather of the Ottawa valley, of course)...
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