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Sunday Game Report, As Promised

I promised that I would talk about Sunday's gaming session, so that time has come. :)

Except...there was no real gaming session. Got a call from Tammy around noon yesterday to tell me that she couldn't make it as she was horribly sick (probably caught the flu or some such). So. the gaming group for yesterday consisted of spross and oni_neko.

The two of them decided that they didn't want to continue in the game of The Edge of Midnight that they are playing without Tammy, so I gave them several options. They both decided they still wanted to watch the two films noir that we had settled on for the day, but that they would play a board game or two and do some other stuff before the movie screenings.

We started off playing a three-player game of Ticket To Ride, the neat railroad board game that requires some strategy as well as the luck of the card draws. oni_neko had never played the game, and it definitely showed in the first game, where she had various problems with strategies and picking routes to use and the like. She played better in the second game, but still didn't have a lot of luck. This is a common problem for players new to T2R, as one either tends to have beginner's luck and win the first few games one plays, or have an abysmal time getting the hang of the game and the strategies and choices involved. oni_neko seemed to enjoy herself,so that was good.

After a couple of games of T2R, we switched mental gears, and I introduced her to the rpg system I plan to run after The Edge of Midnight, The Dying Earth rpg. We talked about the basic world a bit, and then went into the mechanics of the Pool System, using a few examples. oni_neko seemed to like the system from what I showed her, as well as the idea of playing the game, but she did feel it would be a challenge. I left The Dying Earth for now with just giving her and spross copies of two different versions of the Cugel-level character sheets for the game.

By that time, it was already after 5:00 pm, so it was time for the films noir for the evening. We started off with The Asphalt Jungle, the magnificent film from John Huston about the perfect bank heist, the flawed characters involved, and...well, that would be giving it away. :) After breaking for supper, we moved on to Mildred Pierce, the superb Joan Crawford movie about a housewife who starts a successful business, that has some wonderfully brilliant and emotionally shocking moments in it. Both spross and oni_neko seemed to like the two movies, but I suspect they preferred Mildred Pierce to The Asphalt Jungle. Part of it being the sheer powerful performance by Joan Crawford, as well as the fact that the latter was a virtually female character-lacking film. I could be wrong, but perhaps they'll post their thoughts and the like about this.

Anyway, with health, weather, and luck, the Sunday gamers will resume the game of The Edge of Midnight next week.
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