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Had a pretty decent game session with the Friday night players last night.

As noted in this previous blog entry, the Friday night was in the process of creating their characters for the The Dark Eye RPG campaign that I plan to run, so we continued the process last night.

After the players had arrived, we chatted about the week for about 10 minutes or so and when I was read to get started again, we started off where we'd left off the week before. Suffice it to say, the players were all pretty pleased with their characters once the evening was wrapped up, and it looks like they've got a good group of players. Once we finished dealing with the game mechanics and wrapped up character creation, the players sat back for a bit and chatted about what they saw the character group as being like. Suffice to say, an interesting group of player characters.

KathyB - KathyB Angela discussed who would play the magic user in the group, and Kathy won that bet. She created Sanya Ulfaran, a Guildless Mage native to the city of Kuslik in the Horasian Empire.

Angela - As mentioned, Angela and KathyB decided on who would be the magic user, and Kathy won this time out. After some debate on the matter, she decided to create Ernka Cornbaler, an Andergastan Lady-in-Waiting, who fled the city of Joborn after her liaison with Nostrian guard captain Mantulo of Salzerhaven was discovered.

DavidM - DavidM was fond of several concepts for a character that he had, but eventually settled on Refarde Foxhunter ("Ref" for short), a Hunter from Lowangen in Svellter, who is on a quest of some sort, and who has a positive attitude about orcs.

Ellie - Ellie decided that she wanted to play a bit of a "bad" person. After looking over the Professions, Ellie decided to play Fiana (Silversalver), a Thief from the Margravate of Griffonsford who saw her family slaughtered during an orcish attack and has now taken to the life of a travelling thief, never staying in the same place for long...until now.

Mark - Mark and Angela came up with a good concept, and he settled on Mantulo of Salzerhaven, a Guard Captain from the city of Salzerhaven in Nostria who fell in love with a Lady-in-Waiting, Ernka Cornbaler, whom he met in Joborn. The two have fled the city, and are heading for more...tolerant climes.

This session of character creation for The Dark Eye RPG went pretty well, and the players wrapped up their characters for the game. We didn't get to any basics about the rules or some sample combats, but I was very pleased with their characters. I definitely like the Romeo and Juliet feel of the plots for Angela's and Mark's characters, and there's something I can do with each of the other characters, so I'm looking forward to running the game (hopefully) next week.


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