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Sunday Surprise Game Session

And just when I thought that I wasn't gaming today...

Around 12:45 pm today, the doorbell rings. I figure that it's spross showing up, but he doesn't just come in the way he usually does. So I go to the door and answer it, and it's...Tammy! It turns out that we are gaming today, as she's not on-call for this weekend or next weekend! We hadn't really spoken during the week, so I just assumed that she was working for the day. A pleasant, if somewhat unnerving, surprise, to be sure.

So I quickly called SteveR to tell him that Tammy was here and that we're going to game, and then I dashed into the shower for a quick one (as I'd not yet bathed, since I figured I had time before SteveR arrived (see the previous blog entry), and then went back upstairs and made myself a quick lunch. SteveR showed up just as I was near finishing lunch, and so gaming was set to go for the afternoon.

The players continued on with their preparation for playing The Dark Eye RPG, and we finally started to get into the basics of the game rules and prepping for some sample combats.

I'm looking forward to the next game session, as I'm hoping to get through the sample combats with the players, and actually get into the first adventure for the game.
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