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Friday Night Game Session Report

Time for the gaming report for last night. The notes are fresh in my head, once again, so...

These are the continuing exploits of my Friday night gaming group in their The Edge of Midnight game. You can read here about the previous session by following the link. Since I'm not getting any feedback on whether folks want to continue seeing these game reports, this may well be the last session report that I post. This entry is somewhat long, so it's behind the cut.

Visiting several of her other fences, Katie Lane (Kathy) discovered that Adam Halloran's refusal to fence the goods from the robberies of the rich was universal; her other fences were in the same boat, and several mentioned they had been shaken down by the police. She also learned from one of the fences, Guido "Greasy Fingers" Talvari, that Mack Turner had a reputation as being a made man from Central City, but when she tried to press him for more, he was too scared to talk. Harry Vincent (SteveB) made some inquiries about Katie Lane, and learned a bit about her past, and started putting two and two together: the appraiser is also a thief. He decided to sit on the theory a bit, before talking to Katie. He continued to look into the rich folks robberies, and his search led him to a small warehouse down on the Gateway docks, owned by the Francis brothers. Sneaking into the warehouse through the upper level and using the catwalks, he found that he'd come to the right place - Thomas Francis, one of the best-known "dealers" in the city was behind the thefts, and was recruiting some of the local gangs and a few top class heist specialists to do the job. Before he could get out of there, he was spotted by a couple of Francis's bodyguards, and the chase was on. Ricky Sharp (Nick) made some calls to friends in Paradiso, and started setting up the sting to bilk Helen Davenport of some of her amassed fortune. He decided to spend some time making sure that the deal was legitimate, and started putting his house in order. Spending some time with Helen, and getting to know her better, he realized that she was also having some romantic feelings for him, but before they could talk about it, someone took a pot-shot at her (or was it him? :)) in the eatery where they were dining. Amidst the frantic patrons and the bloodshed (one person died from gunshot wounds, and four others were injured), William Greene (see below) dashed out to see what he could learn as the attackers fled. He caught sight of a fancy car, like something one of the Mobsters would drive around in, and then dashed back inside to check on Helen. She was being comforted by Ricky. William and Ricky talked about Helen's safety and who might have tried to kill her. The two were questioned by the police. Insofar as William Greene (Tom) was concerned, he spent part of the session looking into Hiram Strand (see the previous journal entry), and found out the man had some staggering debts to a variety of people, some of whom had underworld connections (to put it mildly). He talked with Helen Davenport about Hiram, and she was quite vehement towards her former husband, but wouldn't discuss why. William also made a few phone calls to Paradiso, and learned that two of the agents knew of a "Carl Danworth", and considered him to be a shady shyster. Concerned about Helen's involvement with the man, William went to talk to her about him, but found the two deep in conversation. Then the whole eatery business (see above) happened. Helen agreed that it might be a good idea to hire a couple of more bodyguards, and William said that he knew where he could get them. Angela Freemont (Joanne) received another visit from Mack Turner and Charlie Andrews, who threatened her after telling her that they knew she had people looking into their background. Their speech and tone were more along the lines of gangsters than NLEB agents, and after roughing her up a bit, they left. Angela had no time to pull herself together, as her agent Eddie Haskell showed up, to take her to her appointment with Steven Gaskell, the owner of the Starbright Music Club, one of Gateway's hotspots that is trying to lure her away from the Sandy Viper Club. Gaskell is charming and appeals to Angela, both physically and in the offer he makes to her and Haskell. Later, she tells Haskell that she's inclined to accept the offer, and while Haskell has some suspicions about Gaskell's offer, he's somewhat blinded by the financial offer. And the prestige of Smoky Freemont playing in the Starbright Club.

The installment of Friday Night Film Noir Midnight Madness this week was Fallen Angel, Otto Preminger's 1946 film starring Alice Faye, Dana Andrews, and the sultry Linda Darnell. The story was made to be a follow-up of sorts to Laura, and had very imaginative lighting, a romantic melody that complements the action really well, and Dana Andrews as con man Eric Stanton who finds himself caught in his own con (and who gives the role a moral uncertainty that it needs). The Friday night crew had seen this movie before, back the last time I had run The Edge of Midnight for an extended period of time, but Joanne didn't remember seeing it. The group felt the story was really quite good, but the identity of the Stella's killer was somewhat obvious by about half-way through the movie, although Joanne disagreed with that assessment.

Overall, a good night's worth of gaming and Film Noir Midnight Madness. Another couple of sessions should allow me to wrap up this scenario, and I'm hoping to do so before we break for the two weeks of Christmas/New Year's (depending on the weather, of course). The players told me that they don't see the connections to the various plots at this point, other than some of the obvious cross-overs, so I think that things are working out well in this regard. Lots of fun, too! :)
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