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Friday Evening Gaming Session Cancelled

It has been a hell of a day.

I spent part of the day going to the physiotherapy clinic to give her the recommendations made by the orthopedic surgeon, but will have to wait for an appointment until my insurance is handled properly on this. Didn't find a decent wall calendar for 2018 at Chapters. Had to take my mom out for shopping.

The pain is very bad in the shoulder, arm, neck, and-- never mind.

Gaming is off for tonight, as I just can't focus on stuff very clearly and the pain is quite severe. Kathy and the other gamers were quite disappointed at the news, but completely understand.

I'm sad that we're not going to continue on with the The Dark Eye RPG campaign this evening, but such is my life at the moment. Heck, I'm lucky if I can stand at all. Going to lie down now for a while before having to get up and make supper. See how that goes.
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