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Books Read in December, 2017

Since it is the new month of January (and it's barely a couple of days old)... As is my standard usage of my blog space at or near the beginning of the month, I present the listing of my December, 2017 reads.

Books Read in December, 2017

Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas

Aventuria Almanac by Florian Don Schauen and Daniel Simon Richter w/ Eevie Demirtel, Tobias Rafael Junge, Alex Spohr and Jens Ullrich (RPG)

Luna: New Moon by Ian McDonald

December, 2017 Reader's Digest

Revelations From Heaven by Sarah Maier w/ Eevie Demirtel and Jens Ullrich (RPG)

The Vampire of Havena (Solo) by Sebastien Thurau (RPG)

The Vagrant by Peter Newman

Aventurian Bestiary by Dominic Hladek, Marie Monkemeyer, Alex Spohr and Jens Ullrich (RPG)

The Electric State by Simon Stalenhag (Artbook)

Our Friends the Machines and Other Mysteries by Mikael Bergstrom, Steve Daldry, Gabrielle de Bourg, Anders Fager, Bjorn Hellqvist, Nils Hintze and Nils Karlen (RPG)

Aventurian Herald #173 by Various (Newspaper) (RPG)

Arivor's Doom by Dominic Hladek (RPG)

Luna: Wolf Moon by Ian McDonald

The Dark Eye Game Master Screen and Inns & Taverns Guide by Thomas Roy Craig, Gudrun Schurer, Alex Spohr and Jens Ullrich (RPG)

Blightborn by Chuck Wendig

December, 2017 was a good month in terms of reading, if one counted mostly roleplaying game materials and supplements, though I did get in a fair share of books for the month as well all things considered. The month of reading felt very slow for me this past December, but that was mainly due to the various stuff going on in my life health-wise. And the fact that lifting anything with my left hand doesn't work so well. :( Since most of my reading for the month was roleplaying game supplements for The Dark Eye RPG, there weren't a lot of novels to choose from among those I read as being particularly good. The only book for the month that stood out was:

Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas - A really good novel. I wasn't sure if Claire Douglas would be able to follow up on The Sisters with something really great, but she did with this book. The plot is this: A local girl goes missing, apparently falling off the local closed old pier and friends and family from that point on go their own way. Eighteen years later, the girl's brother phones the girl's best friend to say that part of a body has been found wearing a trainer that was the same as the one she had on when last seen. One of the things I liked about the book was the manner of how the chapters jump in time, with Frankie telling the modern story and Sophie's view of the events in 1997 being written as a series of diary entries. While this style of writing has been used before, author Douglas manages to carry this off very well. She manages to build depth into the characters, and I particularly liked the subtle changes over time witnessed in Leon (Sophie's boyfriend), Daniel (Sophie's brother) and Alistair (Frankie's dad). Did Local Girl Missing keep me gripped in the story to the end? Yes, it certainly did. The plot becomes quite complex, with lots of potential perpetrators entering the story as Sophie's killer. The final twist was definitely worth waiting for. This book should appeal to those who like a psychological thriller. Recommended.

Overall, I managed to read 6 novels, 7 RPG and RPG products, 1 magazine, 0 comics, and 0 graphic novels in December. This brings the 2017 year end totals up to the following: 92 books, 27 RPGs and RPG products, 19 magazines, 0 comics, and 0 graphic novels. I was disappointed that I didn't manage to get to 100 books (not including RPGs and other stuff) this year, but part of the reason for that was a dismal month of reading in November. The reading for the year was significantly down by 11 books, a sad thing, but it wasn't a bad year of reading at all. So that's saying something.
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