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A Fun Flash Mob (German)

Thought I would start the week off by posting the link and video to one of my favourite flash mob bits, this one from a German mall. It's in German, but I've included the translation of the sung song below.


Rock Me
When the Maypole stands in the village square again
And everything revolves around the girls
When they wear their hot traditional dresses
And we guys are rubbing our eyes

Here we go, now it's that time again
Here we go, today nothing is regretted

Come, show me a bit more
I want to know a bit more
Rock me tonight
Dance a little shuffle
Or whatever you prefer
Rock me tonight
Look me in the eyes, little one,
you are really fine
Rock me tonight
Twirl around and twirl around
Until the dance floor crashes

And now the night really begins
Every girl grabs herself a guy, yes
Then the feeling of insanity heats up in us
Because everybody wants to know

Here we go, now it's that time again
Here we go, today nothing is regretted

Chorus (2x)
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