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Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

It's Friday night, and the good news is that the Friday night gaming group is playing this evening.

So, I'm getting ready for this evening's game session with the Friday night players, and am really looking forward to it.

I'm back in pain somewhat today, though it may be somewhat better after the physio session that I had yesterday. And the fact that I've not strained myself too much today. With the players all feeling healthy and chipper, I'm thinking tonight will be a good game session. They're also quite pleased that we're getting back to some gaming this evening, as this will be the first gaming session since mid-November of last year.

I'm looking forward to this evening's session of The Dark Eye RPG, let me tell you.

In the meantime, supper (of some form) needs to be made, and eaten. Then gaming.

Have a good night, folks.
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