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Wednesday Night Game Report - The Dark Eye Character Creation

Had a lovely game session with the Wednesday night players last night.

The Wednesday night gaming group were all set and ready to get started with their The Dark Eye RPG campaign last night, and so it was time to start the character creation process with the players.

Once the (Wednesday) players showed up at my place around 7:00 pm or so last night, we chatted for around 10 minutes or so and caught up on the week that was. Once I felt ready, I told the gamers that it was time, and and we sat down and started creating player characters. The Dark Eye is quite a detailed game, especially the world itself, but I wasn't sure the players would be able to pick up and deal with the 3d20 game mechanics. I started things off by giving the players a very brief overview of the game world of Aventuria, and they liked the more down-to-earth fantasy world that the game offered. Donna said she was pleased that we were going to play what seemed to be a traditional fantasy rpg. Since it was important to understand the basic game rules at character creation, I went over the basic mechanics of the game, and they seemed to like the idea of the 3d20 mechanic for most things and the d20 and d6 rolls for combat. We then talked about the basics of character generation, and I answered some of their questions (that I could), and then started the process in earnest.

The players felt they wanted to create an interesting group of characters, but didn't want to have no ties at all to bind them somewhat. They succeeded at the basics of what they wanted, to be honest, and seem to have a good variety of characers created, with some decent sub-plot material.

Donna - Donna gave it some thought, but she eventually settled on Nesima Majulasunni, an Aranian thief from Baburin being hunted for a jewel that she stole from an important emir. She's not sure if he wants her dead or alive.

DavidW - David got tired of playing fighter types, and wanted something different. He settled on Phedro Torrean (Horasian Empire), a Blessed One of Hesinde who is seeking knowledge of various sorts (he's somewhat secretive about this), and is travelling Aventuria for this reason.

Kendall - Kendall broke out of the personal stereotype as well, and created Carisia the Swift, a noble from the Horasian Empire who got bored of her life and became a mercenary. She's been travelling with Phedro and has been learning a form of "inner peace" from him, even as she continues to fight and defend for a living.

Crystal - Crystal struggled a bit in her decision of what to play but settled on a good concept. Domela Oakinger is a young woman who escaped her life in Andergast and found she was very good with animals and they liked her. She's an Animal Tamer now, and finds she likes wandering Aventuria, making money with her skills, and will never go back to her old life.

Wednesday night's game session of The Dark Eye character creation went for about 3 hours or so, and saw the players get about half-way through character creation. This was due more to the players asking me questions as the process went along about aspects of the world, and DavidW needed some more details about his Blessed of Hesinde. It was a fun game session, though tiring due to the mechanical aspects of the game, but the players are looking forward to completing their characters next week, Goddess willing.

I was somewhat drained from the process, but am looking forward to next week's session to see how things wrap up and how the characters shape out.
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