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Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming

It's almost Sunday afternoon.

And that means it's time for Sunday afternoon gaming.

Truth be told, I'm feeling somewhat under the weather. Got a bad headache, some chills, sinus congestion, lots of phlegm, and a moderate cough. (And that's aside from the cervical spine issues on the left side of my body.) However, I spoke to both Tammy and spross, and both agreed they were willing to play this afternoon and take their chances on my health not being contagious.

We'll be playing some The Dark Eye RPG this afternoon, as I actually manage to start the game campaign, so I'm quite looking forward to this. That said, gonna have to take decent notes on stuff today, as I'm sure I won't remember much of the game session come the beginning of the week given the state of my head.

Like I said, looking forward to gaming. In the meantime, I need to figure out something light to eat for lunch.

Have a good afternoon, folks.

*cough, cough*
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