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Friday Gaming Session, Sort of

I'm gaming tonight, sort of.

The Friday gaming group is taking some time off to deal with the death of DavidM, but I spoke to Kathy today and she said that she and Ellie would like to come over this evening and do some gaming. Ellie needs a distraction from DavidM's death, and gaming is a good "therapy" for all concerned.

Since I know that Ellie's been jonesing to play some Torg Eternity RPG, that's what we'll probably do a bit of this evening. I've got a couple of scenario basics that I want to test out and see whether the premises that I've come up with work, but we'll see what happens tonight.

In any event, I'm looking forward to seeing them, and hopefully doing some gaming with them this evening.
Tags: board games, friday gaming group, gaming hut, personal, playtest, rpg hut, torg eternity rpg

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