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Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming

It's Sunday morning. Another Daylight Savings Time part of the year again.

I'm very tired. Not enough sleep, tossed and turned all night. To make matters worse, I'm suffering from vertigo this morning and have a terrible case of the dizzies. Blah.

Hopefully I'll be feeling better after I shower, as I'll be gaming with the Sunday group this afternoon. Tammy and spross have agreed that they'll play some Torg Eternity RPG this afternoon so that I can get some practice in running the game before I run the adventure at CanGames 2018.

I figure that I'll run an idea that I have for an adventure in the Living Land for the players today, and will hopefully manage to play through the game in a couple of sessions. Quite looking forward to it.

Have a good afternoon, folks.
Tags: cangames, convention, health hut, personal, playtest, rpghut, sunday gaming group, torg eternity rpg

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