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Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

It's Friday night. Hoooray! :)

Getting ready for another evening of gaming with the Friday night gaming group. While I'm feeling somewhat under the weather (bit of a cough and I think I'm losing my voice), the Friday gamers want to play this evening. I'm going to be doing some more playtesting of the games that I'll be running at CanGames 2018 this year.

I'm still coming to grips with some of the game mechanics for the system, so we'll be doing another session of the Torg Eternity RPG again this evening. It's not really playtesting, since I'm not running through the scenario(s) that I'll be running at the convention in just over two months (eek!), so much as getting a feel for the game system and the mechanics that this new version of the game has slightly tweaked. In any event, I'm quite looking forward to it. :)

Have a good night, folks.
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