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Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming

Sunday morning.

The weather in Ottawa has gotten colder the last couple of days, well, actually more seasonal than anything else. :) This hasn't helped the aches and (largely) pains I've been suffering from, but what can you do? *sigh*

Meanwhile, the Sunday gaming group will be getting together to play this afternoon, and I'm rather quite pleased. The distraction will do me good, and I really do like gaming, roleplaying in particular. :) We'll be playing a session of the Torg Eternity RPG this afternoon, as I still need more practice with the game before I run the sessions I'm scheduled to do at CanGames 2018.

I'm actually running the scenario on a wing and a prayer, but have a rough draft for it that I think will work for a Living Land adventure fir conventions and the like, and it'll be useful for game campaigns as well. Looking forward to gaming today.

Have a good afternoon, folks.
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