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RPGs and Supplements for Sale at CanGames 2018, Once More

Given that CanGames 2018 is just around the corner (it starts a week today), I figured I'd re-run a post here of the gaming stuff I'll be selling at the convention at the CanGames booth. So without further ado...

Hillfolk RPG and Blood on the Snow supplement book (also includes the complete, shrinkwrapped card deck and smalll bag of tokens)

River of Heaven (SF) Roleplaying Game

Shadows of Esteren Book 1 - Universe (Rulebook) and the Loch Varn Tile set (shrinkwrapped)

Chill RPG 2nd Edition, 2nd Edition GM Screen with Map and also includes the Isle of the Dead adventure

Chill Companion (hardcover), Horrors of North America supplement, and Things supplement (all for Chill RPG 2nd Edition)

Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Apparitions supplements for Chill RPG 2nd Edition

Voodoo supplement and Veil of Flesh and Undead and Buried adventures for Chill RPG 2nd Edition

GURPS Creatures of the Night supplement

Atlantis: The Second Age S&S roleplaying game (shrinkwrapped)

All For One: Régime Diabolique RPG (hardcover), Paris Gothique, Richelieu's Compendium, Volume One, and Le Mousquetaire Déshonore collected adventure series (2 complete bundled sets of these)

Flashing Blades Roleplaying Game and The Cardinal's Peril and Parisian Adventures supplements for the game

Ancient Echoes (Cetacean sourcebook) for Blue Planet v2 RPG

GURPS Dinosaurs (and Other Prehistoric Creatures) supplement

Chill Roleplaying Game, 3rd Edition (hardcover; shrinkwrapped)

Shadizar - City of Wickedness Boxed Set (All items in box, counters unpunched)

Anyway, that's what I'll be selling at CanGames 2018 in about a week, so hope some folks reading this post express some interest in the rpgs and supplements mentioned here, and purchase them. :)
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