John Kahane (jkahane) wrote,
John Kahane

CanGames Begins Tomorrow

It is just one more sleep until CanGames 2018 here in Ottawa.

I'm really looking forward to going to this convention for the most part, despite some health stuff that's going on. It's a chance to meet old friends and acquaintances, chat with new folks and the like and doing the gaming thing, of course. I'm looking forward to running the two Torg Eternity, one John Carter of Mars - The Roleplaying Game, and one Capharnaum - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked games, naturally, though I do really hope that I actually get some players for the four games.

Once more, please note that the Sunday Torg Eternity game has changed from the listed scenario, "Day 1: The Living Land" to "The Burden of Glory", though it won't be listed as such in the schedules. Here's the write-up on the scenario that I'll be running at the convention:

The Burden of Glory
Game: Torg Eternity RPG
Time: Sunday, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Number of Players: 6
Description: The Delphi Council has located a stela and dispatched Storm Knights to uproot it and restore a zone to Core Earth. Along the way, a new opportunity tempts your team. Could anything be more important than pushing back the High Lords? (Note that this is an Infiniverse event; the choices players make here impact how the Possibility Wars unfold in the future.)

My only real concern about the convention isn't so much about walking this year (though there is a bit of concern there, too), so much as it is about carrying. Whatever is wrong with my left shoulder and cervical spine area has gotten somewhat worse, and it's making carrying and lifting stuff with that arm extremely painful (among other things). And, of course, I've got to watch my blood sugars carefully and take my insulin dose at night during the convention, so that bears some more forethought as well. We'll see how things go.

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