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Weather, Gaming, and Creating Characters for RPGs

Got up about half an hour ago, and went upstairs to check out the weather. It is absolutely dreadful out there. The forecast for last night was for 10-15 cms (about 4-6 inches) of snow overnight and into the morning hours, and it looks pretty much like that is what is coming down out there. On top of that, the wind is something fierce, and the snow is being blown around and all (which makes it look worse, of course, than it may be, but does add the wind chill factor into the mess).

I would say that this pretty much takes care of any chance that the Sunday gaming group will get together to play today. (Unless spross and the others decide to brave the weather and come out to game or some such.) They were going to create their characters for the Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone science fiction rpg of Greek heroics and myth, so this gives me pretty much a day to relax and do stuff. In the aftermath of the Friday night group's character creation efforts for Hellas were concerned (yes, I know, I promised to post about that but haven't gotten around to it yet!), I think that I will spend part of the day creating another character or three for Hellas and see what kinds of stuff I can come up with. I've already done up a character or two for the system, as common sense has always told me that one should create a character or three for any game system that one is planning to run. From a GMing point of view, it helps to create characters as one can see some of the things the character creation system can do, and see some of the limitations and the like of the game system in question. So, that's what I plan to do sometime today.
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