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Rough Week, Positive Signs

Came in from the Diabetes Clinic about an hour and a half ago, and rested a bit with a cup of herbal tea, and two chapters of Gregory Maguire's _Lost_. (Yes, the author of the other great book, _Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West_.) Simply marvellous book.

I started a blog entry about the week that has been so far, and when I read what I had written, I was shocked. It was more of a rant about everything that has gone wrong this week, a venomous, vicious comment on certain people and their habits and why they have frustrated me so much, and was not a blog entry that I was proud of. I don't want to share some of the dark thoughts that have gone through my head the last few days. So I null and voided it, and have started with this again.

Some of the highlights of this bad week have included:

* Friday night, my goddaughter Ellie accidentally stepped on the outside of my left foot. While it hurt for a bit, nothing seemed wrong at first, but when I got up Saturday morning, I thought I was going to collapse when the pain hit me as I put the foot down on the floor. Foot os very, very sore, and having difficulty walking on it. Will see the doctor about this during the week or next week, if things don't get better soon.

* Saturday, after doing some shopping in the morning, came back to the tail end of the Arsenal - Middlesborough football (i.e., soccer) match. Arsenal settled for a 1-1 draw; they've drawn 2 of their 3 games this season, and lost 1. Not good.

* Saturday night, while making chicken stir fry, I spattered my arm with hot oil. Burnt it, not too badly of course, but that added some frisson to the pain from my foot.

* Sunday afternoon, the Sunday group spent 5(!!) hours doing the second half of Deliria character generation - the numbers, for Goddess's sake - and it was totally frustrating for reasons that I'm *not* going into here.

* Monday, went to work after spending a somewhat restless night, and just about got run down while walking on Sussex from parking to work. Scared the living daylights out of me. Not fun. Got worse when I found my desk inundated with paperwork, all of which had to be done on the computer. Spent almost 6 hours working on the computer, and had a wonderfrelling headache afterward. (I get these from time to time working on computers, one of the reasons I try to avoid spending too much time on one.) During the day, I found out that SteveR and Andrew are revising their characters somewhat, after the dreadful mess on Sunday afternoon. To make matters worse, the power goes out Monday evening while I'm cooking dinner, ruining a couple of perfectly good rainbow trout fillets. I end up having to order out pizza for the evening meal, and throw out the food, but do eat a salad with the green beans and lentils in it.

* I woke up this morning with a bit of a sore throat, and have had a dry throat most of the day. Either I'm coming down with something or it's the change in the weather. No way to tell yet.

That's the bad part of the week, so far.

As for the appointment at the Diabetes Clinic, well... I've gained back about 14 of the 20 pounds that I had lost while on the South Beach Diet to this point (no comments on Monday night's pizza, please!), and was expecting the worst. I could see from my own blood sugar monitoring that the numbers had increased, and I knew the tests from my bloodwork would reflect the same thing. The doctor told me that things weren't as bad as they could have been, but that my A1C and cholesterol levels were up to "bad" levels once more; he said that if I can't get things on the ball and lose some of the weight I've put back on in two months, he's going to put me on insulin. So I've got to figure out what to do in this regard and all.

In the meantime, it's off to the kitchen to make supper. I'm treating myself tonight with a lamb chop, some real honest-to-goddess mashed potatoes, and green beans smothered in a sour cream dressing. It's the least I deserve for this horrible, horrible week so far.

However, that said, the night should get better. Stef's going to call her around 10:30 pm. That's the best thing that could happen to me and that will do me the world of good right now, I think.

Anyway, better cook supper. :)
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